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Jan 04, 2009 | By Kent K. | 3

I want to know why dogs can stand and play in the snow with no protection on there feet. I know my bare feet would freeze in an instant. I know there … more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By sharon d. | 25

When i get completely moved into the new house,I have decided to throw out at least one box of"JUNK" a week.;-) Good lord,I swear that 90 % of what I… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Laura N.

I have to say the makeover contest has really helped me get caught up on the animal news and what's going on. Thanks

Jan 04, 2009 | By Elizabeth B.

For those of you who have picky cats or have a cat that has a severe food allergy, try this. 1 cup cooked pork loin ground up 1/2 cup ready made ta… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Jan P. | 2

Here is Toby yawning in bed with Grandpa Ken! What joy they bring to our lives!

Jan 04, 2009 | By Jan P.

BJ was a little puppy that needed a home. He didn't end up in the shelter before we found him, but it's wonderful that the HSCC would have helped him … more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Whickums

Well this year's search for new digs has ended much faster and easier than I had anticipated. The first place we saw ended up working out very well, … more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Laura N. | 1

Ace had his annual checkup yesterday and all is well. He does so well at the vet and loves Dr.Jo. but then again, who doesn't Ace love

Jan 04, 2009 | By Brittani F. | 1

Today they were plowing our apartment parking lot and Orion was TERRIFIED! He was interested until the plow put it's scoop down and scraped the concre… more ›

Jan 04, 2009 | By Darcy R.

Jax was thrilled when human had a day off...finally. He planned to eat a little breakfast and sit in human's lap. Much to his surprise, the human star… more ›

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