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Jan 05, 2009 | By Elizabeth M. | 2

Poor Maddie got me up several times during the night. I suspect she ate something that didn't agree with her so I got her some yogurt this morning. … more ›

Jan 05, 2009 | By Diane

A proposed ordinance that would prohibit people from walking their pets on school grounds in Green Bay, Wisconsin while picking up or dropping off the… more ›

Jan 05, 2009 | By Jessie R.

One hot summer afternoon I was sitting in the living room when I heard the soft cry of a kitten. I got up and followed the sound down the street. At t… more ›

Jan 05, 2009 | By Gordon8

it's so cold outside that I thought I would freeze alive when I took Churchill for his walk.

Jan 05, 2009 | By Jodi R.

A new employee asked me a few days ago how many dogs have lived in my office in the 8 years I've been with Little Shelter. Well when I started rattli… more ›

Jan 05, 2009 | By Gordon8

I hope 2009 will turn better than 2008. I want more time to relax with our pets and more hope.

Jan 05, 2009 | By Crystal T. | 2

I had to take a few days off. My sanity depends on not spending every waking minute with shelter related business. Looks like I have lost my place. Th… more ›

Jan 05, 2009 | By Jodi R.

My friend has been in the ICU for several months due to a terminal illness. She misses her two dogs terribly. When I was visiting her on the weekend… more ›

Jan 05, 2009 | By karen b.

got picture of my cat murph in the snow he loves it he plays with the snow balls and wonders where they go after he pounces on them

Jan 05, 2009 | By Ralph M. | 4

I met the new guy,Jesse, Sunday. He's a good looking, young Black Lab.He is quit the popular pup.Sounds like a lot of people are interested in him, an… more ›

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