6 Tips For Keeping Your Toddler Safe

Once your baby starts moving, it’s an exciting milestone! Along with this new stage of their life, however, comes an increased chance of getting hurt.  Even though you may try to keep your eye on them, all it takes is one split second of looking away for them to get into trouble.

At this young age, they’re vulnerable to all sorts of dangers.  In order to avoid your child getting hurt, follow these safety precautions.

Eliminate Dangerous Objects They May Put In Their Mouth

The way that toddlers explore the world around them is by putting things into their mouth.  You should ensure that they don’t have access to anything which could harm them if swallowed.

You should lock all cabinets and drawers containing hazardous products.  Any vitamins or medications should be kept out of their reach as well.  Be sure to take a close look at their toys and take away anything that could have small pieces they could choke on.

Block Off Dangerous Entrances

One of the biggest risks that toddlers face is going into places where they shouldn’t be.   Entrances to stairwells should be blocked off with a baby gate as well as any rooms which contain dangerous objects, such as the garage.

Never Leave Them Unattended In The Bathtub

Busy parents may think it’s ok to walk away for a moment while their small child plays gleefully in the tub.  However, all it takes is a few seconds and a few inches of water for tragedy to happen.

Always stay with them during bathtime under your watchful eye.

Ensure Your Crib Is Safe

The more mobile that your little one is, the more likely they are to start trying to escape their bed.  Be sure that the crib is reliable and meets all safety standards.

Using a crib which isn’t safety sealed could result in getting their head stuck or suffocating.  You should remove any dangerous objects which are within arms reach of their bed as well.

Safety-Proof Your Yard

Your child shouldn’t be allowed to wander freely in the yard.  However, even in your presence, you should still ensure that potentially dangerous objects are taken care of.

Any power tools should be removed and stored safely in a shed.  Your backyard space should be fenced as well as around any pools or small bodies of water like a pond.

Practice Car Safety

When you’re in your car, your child should be properly strapped into a back rear-facing seat which meets all safety regulations.  Never let them out of their seat even if they’re throwing a fit.

You may want to consider installing a mirror so that you can still see them despite them facing backward.

Shipping Container Pricing – Buying Shipping Containers on Sale

The right container can bring you lots of benefits and it would be better if you can get one at a very affordable price. Shipping containers are generally used in transport, shipping, cargoes, and housing projects. They can be customized in a lot of ways depending on their purpose.

Some people are looking to buy shipping containers or CONEX boxes for transport purposes. For more information about CONEX box, click this link here. While others prefer to make these containers as guest houses, garden sheds, homes, and other living spaces. Whatever your purpose in buying a container is, it is important to do some research first so that you can get the best deals available out there. You will be able to save more and at the same time, choose high-quality containers.

Here are some tips on how to choose containers for sale

  1. Know the Purpose of Why You are Buying Containers– CONEX boxes have a wide variety of uses. You should know whether the containers are for transport, long-term storage, business purposes, or housing needs. You can select the right container easily if you have a clear idea of what their purpose will be.
  2. Select the Right Size of the Container that You Need– There are a lot of sizes available for shipping containers. They can be 10 ft, 20 ft, or 40 ft. If you are looking for40’ storage containers for sale, know that they come in varying heights, lengths, and sizes. With this said, you have to know the size of the container which will fit your property. If you know the size that you need, it will prevent any future expenses that you can incur in returning a container that is too small or too big for a housing project.
  3. Make the Decision of Whether to Buy or Rent a Used or New Container– There are advantages and disadvantages of buying and renting. At the same time, you should decide whether you need new or used CONEX boxes for your project. Some of the models that are already used can be 50% cheaper compared to the newer ones. However, if you are in the shipping industry, you might opt for a brand new one so it will last for a decade or two. If your budget is limited, and you only need the container seasonally, then a used container can be an option for you.
  4. Make Sure that the Containers are Properly Inspected– If you are going to buy used containers and you are going to use them to store goods, then make sure that they underwent proper inspection. You might spend extra for damages, leaks, patches, and rust if you just accept any container from an online store without checking it properly first. Make sure that the containers are still in good condition, didn’t undergo any major damages while being transported at seas, or didn’t have any issues with vermin. The container that you are getting should be at least water and wind tight.
  5. Ask for the Container’s Age– The number of years in which containers can remain useful is about 10 years. Age is a very important factor when buying containers since some of them might have undergone extreme shipping histories. The containers that are more than 10 years in the industry might need heavy refurbishing. This is not a good option for people who want to save more and need the container for another decade. If you are planning to purchase a used CONEX box, make certain that a marine surveyor has inspected it properly. He should also include the expiry date along with the inspections that he made on a document.

Should You Get your Container Off the Ground?

If you already have the perfect container, the other question for you might have is: “Do you need to get it off the ground?”

When these boxes are built, all the steelwork consisted of blasting sand and undercoating to its surface to achieve durability. A thick coat of bitumen is applied to the floors so that the steel is protected from corrosion. “Corten” is the name given to the steel that is used in most containers. Corten has a very high tensile strength and it has lots of resistance to rust. The combination of bitumen and corten can result in a longer life of a container. Read more about corten steel here: https://www.corrosionpedia.com/definition/5261/corten-steel.

Some of the CONEX boxes have long side rails which are the back and the front rails. They have cross members that are welded with the longer rails in every 30 centimeters of their length and height. This can mean that in order for water to enter the boxes, it needs to be approximately 150 mm deep. The steel lattices have level measurements at the bottom of the container. This provides a 20’ x 40’ x 8’ footprint. With these measurements, the boxes are not likely to sink when they are on level ground. If you have a plot that is not boggy and reasonably flat, then there’s no reason to stack the containers by blocks.

Contact an Expert Who Can Answer your Other Questions

There are a lot of FAQs that consumers like to ask before they get shipping containers. If you want to know more about dry freight cargo, container doors, sizes, types, and availability, you just need to go to the right website for the information.

Other pieces of information that you might want to know are the following: delivery space, permit requirements, the location of the supplier, rental period, and overhead clearances. You should also be clear about the total payment including taxes and deliveries. If you are asking about the condition of the containers, ask if they are “one trip containers”, cargo worth containers, Used “AS IS” and Wind and Water Tight” containers, or modified ones. Getting these questions answered will give you a more reasonable expectation of what your container will look like and if there are refurbishments needed after you bought it.

As there are a lot of containers that are for sale online, look for legit manufacturers who are trustworthy. You can call an expert today, ask a few questions, and get the container that is perfect for your next project.


What are the Characteristics of 360 Feedback Process?

The 360 ​​degree performance evaluation is the method and it gives the chance to every employee to receive the performance feedback from their heads like: supervisor, peers, staff members, co-workers and clients. 360-degree feedback or comes from multiple sources, as like an assessment or performance evaluation tool that collects feedback from all who examine and affected by an employee performance. Normally 7 to 12 people are there who fill out form that is a comment form. The content of the form depends on the wide range of companies’ environment from a wide range of competencies to the work environment. The employee who receives the feedback also fills a complete self-assessment form; this particular form consists of the various components. This system helps the company to obtain a better understanding of every one’s strength and weakness.

The 360 degree performance appraisal is a process, and it is little different from company to company. However, every company follows the similar plan. Next, company recognizes the 360 ​​review timeline and gives a thought on ​​how long each and every step can take within organization. To communication of the 360 ​​procedure to the reassessment of the participants, use this program to develop company implementation plan.

1) 360 Communication: As mentioned above, it is very critical to communicate the process to all interested parties. Employee has to communicate the purpose of the 360, explain the process and how the comments will be collected and used. It takes 1 to 3 weeks to communicate the procedure only in-person meetings like meetings with employees, supervisors, managers and evaluators.

2) Selection of evaluators: The selection of evaluators is one of the main steps of the 360 ​​feedback process. Participants should choose sufficient feedback providers to make sure that the data is complete and appropriate. The number of qualifiers included will depend on the job function and the employee’s labor relations. It takes 1 to 2 weeks to choose evaluators, including supervisors, direct reports, colleagues and perhaps outside clients.

3) Distribution of surveys: The use of a 360 online comment system allowsemployees to distribute the questionnaires speedily. Participants receive the notifications by email with instructions on how to initiate and complete the 360 ​​comment process. At this point of time, participants give the questionnaires to the selected evaluators. Majority of time is only to distribute the survey. It may take1 week to distribute the survey.

4) Complete the questionnaires: In whole of the process, the longest stage is this because it is continuous until participants do not fill the whole form or complete the review. The duration of this step totally depends on the number of evaluators, the employee’s job function and the organization. It is strongly suggested that company have to set the deadlines at the beginning of the process, to ensure that all evaluators have completed their survey in a particular time. Itrequires 2 to 4 weeks to complete the feedback.

5) Produce reports: When all the feedback is completed, then their questionnaires and all the private reports are generated. According to the committed delivery plan of the company, the reports are sent straightforwardly to the participants or the outcomes are given in a one by one comment session. The use of an online system will allow the rapid production of detailed reports of 360 comments, from 1 to 2 days.

6) Facilitation of comments: It is suggested to organize confidential comment meetings for each participant that undergo revision 360. Feedback can be given in these sessions by the employee’s manager or by a coach. These meetings allow a better thoughtful of the feedback report and a chance to talk about the strengths and areas for enhancement. Depending on the depth with which you want the comments sessions to be, each meeting can take 1 to 2 hours per participant.

7) Complete the development graph: The creation of the development plan for each participant in the review is the core of the process. The feedback is gained from the 360 ​​evaluation becomes the root of a practical development plan. Review areas for improvement will recognize key areas of development for the employee. This gives the chance to employees to improve their skills by using opportunities such as training, workshops, conferences, training, mentoring, etc.To complete the development plan will take 1-2 weeks.

8) Reassessment: It is essential to set up a 360 degree feedback in particular organization as a process and not as a single event. To do this, employees have to clearly communicate at the beginning of the process that subsequent revisions will be carried out each year. The specific objectives and opportunities were detailed in the development plan; it makes logic to verify the progress of these elements. The reevaluation of the participants allows you to see if there have been changes and also provides the opportunity to receive new comments. The re-evaluations should be made between 8 and 12 months after the first 360 review

Majority of organizations who focus on employee development use the 360-degree tool to judge the performance and potential of the staff and allow them to plot their career pathway based on feedback/How 360 degree performance appraisal focuses on various factors of employee? Organizations get 360-degree feedback on an employee before making an important decision about the career of the professional.Feedback always play an important role in very employees life because increments, and higher positions all depend on the feedback, so if the feedback of any employee is not upto the desire standards, then there is no chance of any kinds of increments or higher positions. The result of 360 degree feedback is used by the employee who receives the feedback to plan the training and growth. Some organizations also use the results to make administrative decisions, such as payment or promotion. The 360 ​​evaluation is for estimation purposes and it is called “360 degree review.” 360-degree feedback is the most complete evaluation where feedback on employee performance comes from all sources contacting the employee in their work. This method is used in MARUTHI SUZUKI Motors and HCL also.

Tips for Choosing a Great Holiday or Corporate Event Venue

(Image Credit: Used with permission by Z & Y Bistro)

It can healthy and productive for a business to plan regular outings for employees away from the office. Whether a holiday party or a meeting on a boat, the change of scenery can help co-workers relax and see each other in a different light.

While most people agree these events help to boost morale around the office, some disagreement can arise over where to hold the party or corporate event. The tips below can help choosing an event venue and the planning process more efficient.

Consider Employee Convenience When Selecting a Location

Since employees drive or take public transportation from numerous locations, it’s important to be respectful of their time and travel expense when choosing a venue for an off-site event.

Making it as close to the office as possible works well because employees already know how to navigate to that location. The time and day of the week of the event can also be huge factors for employees who use public transportation since both can impact availability.

If the event is mandatory for employees to attend outside of business hours, offering to pay for a rideshare service is a nice touch. Free on-site parking for employees who drive can also help them get excited about the event without worrying about where to park and how much it will cost.

Accessibility for Employees with Special Needs

Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act requires accessibility in public buildings, it’s still a good idea to check on the accessibility of the venue ahead of time. Employees who can’t attend the same party or event as their co-workers may feel frustrated and like they’re not as important to the team as other people. It could even turn into a legal battle for the venue and the hosting company.

Is the Atmosphere Appropriate for the Event?

A venue with high ceilings and a lot of open space for dancing could be ideal for a holiday party. However, the same venue wouldn’t work for a company meeting. The high ceilings could capture sound and cause echoes or vibrations that make it difficult for people to hear.

Additionally, having too much available space could tempt people to spread out across the room rather than socialize or collaborate together. Visiting the venue in person before making a down payment is the best way to determine its level of appropriateness for the planned event.

Check the Amenities

Holding a company meeting at an off-site location requires many supplies, including an overhead projector, audio visual equipment, enough tables and chairs, and beverage and snacks to give people the energy to stay focused.

Event planners should know the minimum equipment the company requires and look for a venue that can provide it. While it may cost less for someone to bring supplies from the office, it won’t be convenient to transport them back and forth for an event that will only last a few hours.

Room Capacity

Lastly, management should plan to get a firm headcount of attendees before booking an off-site venue. A venue should never rent to a party larger than its seating capacity since it is unlawful and creates a fire hazard.

Allowing several weeks before the event to locate the ideal venue makes it much more likely that the event planner will find one.

Chrome, Plastic, or Steel: Which Lug Nut Cover is Best for Your Semi?

Trucking can be a job or a way of life for some. It’s not uncommon for truckers to spend most of their time on the road.  As a semi truck driver, you are practically living in your semi-truck. As a job, you’ll need lots of experience and seat time. You’ll have to be mindful to check your tire pressure, fuel, trailer alignment, wheels and find the right chrome lug nut covers for your truck before taking off onto the road.

As you are spending all your time on the road on your semi-truck, why not add a bit more style to him?  The best way to add a bit more character to your bestie without it becoming a costly endeavor is through lug nut covers.

Lug nut covers can serve your truck in several ways. They act as a deterrent against people driving too close to your semi-truck. It can endanger you and the other if they are not mindful to keep a good distance from your truck. Motorists tend to drive more carefully around big rigs with lug nut covers, especially spikes, which look intimidating. The more careful others are around you, the more comfortable and safer your drive becomes.

Lug nut covers can serve another purpose. A lot of semi-truck drivers check their mirrors to ensure the wheels are turning. It can also help make sure the brakes hadn’t frozen up in winter conditions.

When it comes to materials for your lug nut covers, you can choose from chrome, plastic, stainless steel and colored vinyl. The most common ones you’ll see are the chrome plastic ones.  If you are concerned about your lug nut covers rusting, choosing those made of plastic is the best option for you. Chrome steel ones are likely to rust more frequently than stainless steel ones. Higher quality lug nut covers will last longer in rough driving conditions on a daily basis.

Have you decided on what type of lug nut covers you want to get for your truck? Head over to Iowa80.com to choose from a massive collection of lug nut covers from Iowa 80 semi truck chrome plastic to stainless steel lug nut covers that includes hundreds of options like: bullet, spike, spike hex, top hat, reflective, standard dome, razor, twister, v spike, full moon, pointed top hat and so many more!

5 Tips For Parents Of New Drivers

The moment that your child is ready to drive can be a challenging moment in parenting. Unlike riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, driving a car on the road is a much different story.

It’s normal to feel protective and anxious about ensuring their safety. However, kids have to grow up one day. Teaching your child to drive won’t just give them a greater sense of responsibility, but them being independently mobile can benefit your schedule as well.

Here are some of the best tips for parents of new teen drivers.

Ensure They’re Ready

Before you hand over the keys of the jeep, there are certain factors you should consider first. Ask yourself whether you really think they are ready. They should be mature enough to understand the dangers that come along with the road. If they’re overly eager, they could put themselves in danger, and risk getting into a serious car accident.

Have a conversation with them about how ready they feel about taking the wheel. If you hesitate even for a moment that they may be lacking the maturity, then you should wait until a later time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Passing your driving test is only the first step to becoming an experienced driver. It’s vital for you to get in as much practice as possible with them in the beginning stages.

If possible, take them driving in places where there is no one else around. Practicing off the road is an excellent chance for learning how to apply the brakes and manipulate the steering wheel.

Try to help them practice as much as you can before letting them drive in traffic.

Set Guidelines

It’s important for you to discuss what the rules are with your team driver. Go over what is and is not acceptable when driving the vehicle.

Set rules in place like curfews, who can go in the car, and what parts of the city they should stay away from.

By setting guidelines, you’ll avoid any gray areas. When the rules are firmly set in place, there is no excuse for straying from what they’ve been told

Ensure Your Car Is In Good Condition

Before allowing your teen to drive in your car, you should make sure that it’s in perfect working condition. Ensure that the brakes are tightened, the tires have plenty of air, and that the engine is in order.

The last thing you want to do is worry that your child may get into an accident due to lack of maintenance.

Be Encouraging

It’s easy to worry and criticize your child when they first learn to drive. However, learning to drive is no different from learning anything else. By being encouraging and positive, they’ll gain the confidence that it takes in order to succeed.

5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Elderly Parents

As your parents get older, it’s natural for them to lose the ability to keep up with all of the hustle and bustle of life. Even if your parents are graceful agers, the body eventually begins to break down as we get older.

If you’re beginning to see that your parents aren’t keeping up with things like usual, consider offering a helping hand. You may not be sure what to offer in the way of assistance, but you may want to think about these helpful suggestions for things you can do to help your aging parents.

Talk with other members of the family

Get the family together to have an honest conversation about what the future could hold. Explore who will take what role in the caretaking voyage. Explore what resources are available to assist your parents when the family is not able.

It’s important to pool your resources as a family, and take this time to give back to the people who took care of you. In a perfect world, everyone would pitch in to help make the remainder of your parents’ lives comfortable and happy.

Help your parents get their financial resources in order

Approaching the topic of financial resources with your parents may be a touchy subject, but it’s key that someone in the family be “in the know” about the proper management of your parents’ financial resources.

Make sure your parents are receiving the financial support they are due. If they are disabled, you make need to hire a lawyer who specializes in disability cases to help get your parents what they are owed.

Have a sit down with your parents

It’s important that you have a serious conversation with your parents while they are still in good health, so they have the ability to tell you their wishes.

There’s a lot to consider when someone is at the end of their life, and it’s important that the person has the chance to help make crucial decisions.

The conversation won’t be the easiest talk you’ve ever had with your parents, but it will be one of the most important chats you’ll ever have with your parents.

Consider whether senior care or housing is necessary

Depending on where your parents are in their lives, you may need to discuss whether or not senior care or housing could be helpful to the family. Sometimes your parents just need a little assistance, but they can do for themselves the majority of the time.

Consider whether you could be a caretaker

If you are willing to assume the role of caretaker for your parents, there are some critical things you need to explore. Do you have the time to care for your parents? Do you have the financial resources to take care of them properly?

A Guide To Travelling To London

If you’ve made the decision to plan a whirlwind trip of London, simply continue reading to discover a simple guide to travelling to London.

A guide to travelling to London: 

How to choose a hotel:

It’s well worth opting to book accommodation at any of the centrally located hotels in london that are located within a stone’s throw of most of London’s most famous attractions such as The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong booking a hotel that is located within a few minutes walk of one of the city’s underground train stops. As the best way to get around London is via the Tube.

If money is no object, you may want to consider staying at a luxury four or five star hotel, such as The Savoy, which is located next to Convent Garden and which boasts 267 opulently decorated suites. There are lots of options for places to stay and you can book hotels easily.

What to experience:

1. A double decker tour of the city

If you’ve never visited London before and want to quickly get orientated, do yourself a huge favor and book a double decker tour of the city, on your first full day in London. As you’ll be able to view many of London’s most famous landmarks from the top of an iconic red, double decker bus.

As an added benefit, your guide will narrate your journey with handy facts and fascinating stories about some of the buildings which your bus passes through.

2. The Tower of London

Make sure to book an escorted tour of the Tower of London, to get a chance to see the crown jewels up close and to learn about some of the famous names who were imprisioned in the Tower of London. Some examples of which include British royalty, many of which were executed in the tower’s grounds.

3. Book a ride on the London Eye

For incredible bird’s eye views of London, make sure to book a ride on the London Eye. Which was originally created to celebrate the new millennium.

4. Shop for souvenirs of your London trip at Harrods 

Harrods is a luxury historic department store which can be found in the suburb of Knightsbridge and which was founded over 170 years ago. Whilst spending time shopping in Harrods it’s all well worth grabbing a bite to eat at one of Harrods famous food halls or booking a high tea experience.

Even if you don’t see yourself dropping hundreds of even thousands of dollars on designer items which are sold at Harrods, there are plenty of Harrod branded souvenirs such as teddy bears, tote bags and pens to purchase as a memento of your first trip to Harrods.

5. Hyde Park 

Hyde Park is arguably the most iconic park in all of London and is comprised of four royal parks which are interconnected. If you feel like taking a stroll on a sunny day in London, it’s well worth heading straight to Hyde park.

6. Grab a bite to eat at London’s Hard Rock Cafe

London’s Hard Rock Cafe is located directly across the road from Hyde Park and is the perfect place to grab a bit of lunch.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to visit London and to experience all that London has to offer!

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De-Facto Relationship Breakdowns – What You Need To Know

Too often you hear a couple in a long-term relationship reduce marriage to just a piece of paper. That part of the story lacks the realisation that they are, indeed in a de facto relationship that is in a lot of ways similar to marriage. The Family Law Act defines one such relationship as a couple that has lived together, on a mutual and genuine domestic basis. The only thing that exempts you from this definition is if you and your partner are legally married or related.

You can be in a de facto relationship even when you do not live together. There are other elements that are considered for a relationship to fall under this category. If such a relationship breaks down, you need to apply for financial orders within two years of the breakdown. So how then do you know that you are in one? Here are several things that are considered:

• Combined finances so that there is financial interdependence or dependence
• The commitment to the relationship and the different roles you both take
• Registration as a de facto relationship
• If you consider your relationship de facto
• You are living together and have a sexual relationship
• You support or have children together
• Your family considers the relationship de facto
• You own assets or property together

From these factors, you see that you can be in a de facto relationship even if you have been together for a short while, for example. A good rule of thumb is to always consult a lawyer if you are unsure. If such a relationship breaks down then, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

You are obligated to split assets

Family Court typically has a de facto rule for financial settlements. However, you need to consult a family lawyer to address your particular situation since each one is unique. Having an asset in one’s name does not guarantee that their claim is granted. Having an asset in one’s name does not guarantee that their claim is granted. If you had not made a formal financial settlement, your ex-partner can make claims on your assets. Note that assets are not necessarily split equally at the end of the relationship.

You may have to pay spousal maintenance

People often relegate spousal maintenance to the legally married but you may also be required to pay it after a de facto relationship ends. The financial contribution of each partner and their dependence on the relationship will form the basis for the split and maintenance. Like with marriage, spousal maintenance claims can be made after a breakup.

You have legal rights like in marriage

You may not have dressed in white and walked down the aisle but your relationship may dictate that the breakup is treated as a marriage. This means that things like superannuation and the division of property will be the same. Even the differences when it comes to parenting arrangements are limited.

You can protect yourself

If you do not know whether your relationship will last, you can make sure that some of your assets are protected. You can have an arrangement with your partner to dictate how property is divided in future. This is an especially important step if there are children involved even from an earlier relationship. It also helps to protect you if there is a significant difference between your financial positions.

Same-sex couples are recognized in family law

Even though in some places same-sex marriage is illegal, you do qualify as a de-facto relationship as long as you meet some of the requirements in Family Law. Consequently, you have similar rights as any married couple. Note that, like is the case for other relationships, verbal agreements between partners do not apply when the relationship ends.

Whatever the case, work with independent lawyers so that each of them looks out for your best interests. Once you realise that a breakup is inevitable, find your legal counsel. A breakup is very emotional and you need someone who can see matters objectively.

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What Should A Manager Do After A Crisis Happened?

There are sometimes situations in which a crisis happens and the aftermath creates more damage for the business than what actually took place. This includes both crisis events that directly impacted the organization and those that did not, like a terrorist attack that took place in the city of operation. German Trujillo Manrique discusses the most important steps that have to be done after a crisis happened in order to be sure that everything is properly being taken care of.

Acknowledge The Crisis

It is really important to discuss a crisis with the entire team. You never know how someone was affected and you need to see if you can help. Even if the crisis was quickly managed and you think there are many employees that were not affected, you cannot be sure until you ask. At the same time, it is really important that you acknowledge the crisis since this is a sign that you are interested in taking responsibility whenever this is the necessity.

Take Action

Just take some time to do something in order to show that you are aware of what happened and the effect that the crisis caused. For instance, if we talk about the terrorist act example, you may want to schedule a minute of silence and encourage staff members to respond how they see fit. It is even possible to organize some sort of fund-raising activity that can support victims. When the business was affected and employees have to be laid off, you should discuss with those that remain since some of those laid off were most likely friends.

Be Accessible And Responsive

One of the worst things that you can do after a crisis happened is to never be around and not respond to what employees need from you. Every single person will respond in a different way. It is possible that some may need some time off and will want to ask if it is ok. Clear the calendar as much as possible and be sure that you are available following the crisis for at least a week. Encourage staff members to share thoughts and be open about the situation. Obviously, this only works if you are completely nonjudgmental.

Monitor The Media

Although the crisis is over, no matter what it is, you still need to see if the topic is covered in the media. This is true even if it was an internal event and you think nobody heard about it. Never underestimate the industry’s desire to create viewership. In the event that you notice something bad was said, you want to respond. This shows that you are on top of the situation even after the crisis.

Arrange Meetings With Team Leaders

Nobody expects you to be able to deal with every single individual in the event there are many employees that are supervised. This is why you need to arrange a meeting with team leaders so that you can discuss the situation and figure out a really good approach. At the same time, you have to make it clear what should be done in specific scenarios.

6. Meet with your team leaders to ensure that communication channels are open at every level within your organization, and people are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about the crisis situation. Reinforce the value of listening with compassion and the intent to understand. This is a time when visibility is critical, so encourage all supervisors and team leaders to spend time in the work areas, walking around and talking with their employees.

7. Be on the lookout for emotional aftershock. Sometimes this shows up weeks later, and can exhibit as unusual health-related challenges (headaches, twitches, breathing difficulties, etc.); increased emotional outbursts (anger, fear, guilt, depression, crying, etc.); or out-of-the-ordinary behavioral issues (suspicion, withdrawal, excessive movement, increased smoking, drinking, or other habitual behaviors, etc.). As you notice any symptoms, talk with the employee and, as appropriate, make them aware of any employee counseling assistance that is available.

By quickly and sincerely connecting with your people about the crisis situation, you not only help each person deal more effectively with their own reactions; you model the humanness of connectivity and bring your team together in a special way. In the end, the time you invest in supporting people through the crisis will reap huge benefits in terms of engagement, commitment, and productivity.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7642630

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