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October 2, 2011 | By Ches21 | 3 | Need to know

For a person moving into an apartment that allows dogs what other dogs besides Whippets are good apartment dogs? I am intrested in getting a Whippet, a Pittbull or a Bull terrier when I move into my first apartment which will most likely be in anothe… more ›


June 28, 2011 | By Stream | 3 | Need to know

I have read peoples blogs saying that the ASPCA kills animals. I no organizations like PETA and HSUS kill animals, but not ASPCA. I read a story about a pit bull that had been euthanized by the ASPCA for agression issues. Well, i read a little bit mo… more ›


March 7, 2011 | By Jennifer B. | 2 | S.O.S.!

Help! My friend has found a pit bull puppy. Our local animal control has a zero tolerence for pit bulls. You know what that means. I myself have 7 animals in my house and she has 4 along with kittens under her house. Does anybody know of any pit… more ›

Jennifer B.

February 27, 2010 | By Amber | 1 | Need to know

twice today i have run across supposed news stories regarding animal abuse, both stories coming from a "Colorado CLAWS" blog, which has only been around since the beginning of this year. both news stories link to petitions on , a… more ›


February 8, 2010 | By Jayharrelson | 5 | Just Curious

Where do the so-called Mutt animals go .To sleep , I'm guessing. Concerning cats & dogs , I personally , have taken in , at least , 25 animals. Just strays & throw-aways.Just becouse I can't watch any thing hungry or scared and alone.This is … more ›

January 5, 2010 | By Lisa D. | 4 | S.O.S.!

I need to find a loving home for my one yr old female boggle mix (boxer beagle), I have MS and it is progressing and she deserves a better home. Is there somewhere on here that I can post it?

Lisa D.

October 14, 2009 | By Renee F. | 5 | S.O.S.!

10/15/09: Great News: There are only 5 dogs left, and if they are interested in adopting, they need to request an application from The recording also said that they need gas cards and spons… more ›

September 11, 2009 | 2 | Just Curious


Tags: worms


September 4, 2009 | By tereasa d. | 1 | S.O.S.!

10 mo. red nose pit will be put down on 09/08/09 if i can not get him from virginia to portland, oregon. kids did not know that pits are not allowed at quantico and my 3 yr. old grand daughter is so worried. if someone can help me please???

July 21, 2009 | 2 | Need to know

please help me becuase i want one and wanna know badly

Tags: leopardgeckos age


July 5, 2009 | By Ches21 | 6 | Need to know

Here is a picture of it. it is probably my favriote breed of dog does any one know where I can find one for sale or even one to rescue near Longview Wa the zip code is 98632 I already tried petfinder no luck.

May 14, 2009 | By Bellacat3 | 8 | S.O.S.!

Update 5/16: Thanks for all the wonderful tips. Ember is safely back at home. She came back on Thursday evening around 10:00 p.m. I, honestly, think that God brought her back to us. She managed to jump up to a second floor deck which is about 6 feet … more ›


April 28, 2009 | By Wendy O. | 3 | Need to know

I love dogs, and I hate to see any of them mistreated or not taken care of. All of your friends are always trying to give us stray dogs, but as it is, we have 6 of our own. I would love to be able to start an animal shelter or something but I dont k… more ›

Wendy O.

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Answer by Ches21

A: First off the command you should be using is Quiet not shut up also sometimes clapping your hands once and saying it will work. You can use … more ›

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Answer by Momba

A: The best thing to do is make sure of what it is by seeing your vet. It could be nothing, but why take the chance that it could be something… more ›