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February 11, 2009 | By Kelly M. | 21 | S.O.S.!

I bought this hairball paste from my vets and I am having a quite comical time, trying to get it down the cats throat, he has no interest in licking it from a spoon.

Kelly M.

February 10, 2009 | By Norrie | 7 | Just Curious

Almost every indoor cat we've ever had has known we were leaving on a trip even before the luggage came out. They suddenly weren't all that sleepy and followed me into the bedroom each time. When the luggage came out they tried to take possesion but … more ›


February 9, 2009 | By Kristen R. | 5 | Need to know

My cat Obsidian licks her belly and back paws bald. This is called allopescia sp? I've tried to distract her, but very little works. Lately, I have put hydrocortisone spray on her belly and changed her food, thinking it might be a food allergy. I am … more ›


February 8, 2009 | By MTC M. | 63 | Just Curious

Yesterday a person told me that there are cat people and dog people so where does that put me and You. I love all animals and don't have a preference how about you? would you say you are a cat or dog or other.


February 7, 2009 | By Diana L. | 6 | Need to know

I ran into a woman that was searching for an answer as to why her young cat might be licking bedding and at night licks her hair, she stated that it was extreme, has anyone ever experienced this and if so why was it happening?

Diana L.

February 4, 2009 | By Treva A B. | 34 | Need to know

I just recently adopted a dog that has heartworms. I have talked to several people who have said don't do the treatment just keep him on preventative and the heartworms will go away in time. I have not consulted my vet about this but would like to … more ›

Treva A B.

February 4, 2009 | By Sheryl J. | 23 | Need to know

I need to know. My cat Pippit is the first and only cat I have ever owned that is ABSOLUTELY amuzed and amazed and crazy about her litter box. She will sit right next to me when I empty it and while I am washing it out she will sit right in it's de… more ›


February 1, 2009 | By amy | 15 | Need to know

My cat was homeless drinking from a pool when we found him and welcomed him into our home. Upon having him neutered at the vet we were informed his age was 1-1/2yrs old. He is now 2, still wants to go outside, we've given him melatonin with his trea… more ›


January 31, 2009 | By Frani L. | 8 | Need to know

I Have 4 Long haired cats....& one of them mats , I had to clip all his hair last summer....Brushing doesn't stop it! Need HELP!


January 30, 2009 | By Renee M. | 9 | Just Curious

I read where someone in the Dallas area said they had a lot of "Sand Fleas" up there. Just curious as to what that was, never heard of them.

Renee M.

January 30, 2009 | By KrsRowdy | 14 | S.O.S.!

I guess this is a hoax--if I weren't so mad I'd be a lot more embarrassed--sorry I took up your time but thanks for letting me


January 30, 2009 | By Eden v. | 23 | Need to know

If there is anyone out there that got a dog in the middle of winter, Hoe long did it take to house train them?


January 28, 2009 | By sallie e. | 4 | Just Curious

non e

sallie e.

January 26, 2009 | By Debi M. | 19 | Just Curious

It just seems that there are many dog owners that feel that just because they have "big yards" that their dogs don't need to be walked every day.

Debi M.

January 23, 2009 | By B P. | 24 | Need to know

I am interested to learn of pet owner experiences with burying a deceased pet on their property.Do other pets bother or dig at the grave? Do you think cremation is necessary?

B P.

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