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March 6, 2009 | 24 | Need to know

I bought two self dispensing bowls for my cat two days ago because my roommates and i are never home so he ends up skipping meals.


March 5, 2009 | By FeliciaFig | 3 | Need to know

To make sure he doesnt bite you or run away?


March 4, 2009 | By Kelly M. | 4 | S.O.S.!

My cat Bosco, repetitively licks his two bottom nipples. And they look red and sore. I was told to put some antibiotic cream on them. We just adopted him 6 weeks ago, he is 12 years old. I am thinking it is a nervous habit. He doesn't have any… more ›


March 3, 2009 | By L R. | 4 | Need to know

Anyone use this dry catfood and if you 've tried it, what's your opinion?

L R.

March 2, 2009 | By Crystal h. | 4 | Just Curious

My daughters cat will let ya pet her all day long but ya can't pick her up or she growls. Why are some cats so moody? I had asked a vet and they said with her been calico it's in there nature but just wondering if any ony has any other suggestions.


February 28, 2009 | By Catherine W. | 6 | Need to know

All of my cats are indoor only cats. A little less than a year ago we adopted a very small and rather sickly kitten. We started feeding her dry kitten food, and soon the adult cats in our family started eating the dry kitten food as well. The kitten … more ›

Catherine W.

February 28, 2009 | By Meghan M. | 15 | Need to know

my pitt spends alot of time outside and he seems to always have tree sap stuck to his fur...i tried several things to get it off...does anyone know a ssecret to getting this sticky stuff off besides shaving it off???

Meghan M.

February 24, 2009 | By Clownfish1 | 10 | Just Curious

for some reason my cat hates oranges. somethines its helpfull like when she is doing somthing bad we just spray her with orange cented spray and she stopes, it even got her to stop trying to eat the christmas tree. but when i eat an orange or drink o… more ›


February 22, 2009 | By Pia S. | 12 | Just Curious

If so, do you still have pets? And, do you still allow them to sleep with you? Is there a pet that you cannot or will not have due to allergies?

Pia S.

February 21, 2009 | By rebecca b. | 11 | Just Curious

My cat, Patches, is a loving cat - when she wants to be. When I try to pick her up she doesn't want me to hold her but a moment later she changes her mind and gives me a real loving.

rebecca b.

February 19, 2009 | By Trevor H. | 15 | Just Curious

why did you want to get it

Trevor H.

February 18, 2009 | By Missy | 8 | Need to know

I heard that there are alternatives to getting your cat declawed, like nail covers. Does anyone have any information or web sites on this? I would like to check it out. Thank you very much!


February 17, 2009 | By debbie l. | 18 | Just Curious

My dog Snoopy will always scratch the dirt with her back paws after going doo doo. Why is this? Is there some way to break her of it? It does'nt really bother me unless it's really muddy out.

debbie l.

February 15, 2009 | By Pia S. | 21 | Just Curious

Were you always in love with animals or did you learn about the human/animal bond as an adult? If you started as an adult, what type of animal brought this to your attention or was there a person in your life that "turned you on" to animals?

Pia S.

February 12, 2009 | By Sheryl J. | 24 | Just Curious

If your pet could talk, in your native tongue not theirs, which would they tell you they prefer? Which would it be, you get home from work and your dog comes running to greet you (or cat both of mine do) . Would they say "Oh, I am so … more ›

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