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May 29, 2011 | By Ches21 | 2 | Need to know

Is it normal for a cat to growl at their toys? Cause Shorty growls at his toys all the time he will even hiss at them including when it is a toy he starts playing with on his own. So is this normal?


April 25, 2011 | By Dogz37 | 4 | Just Curious

just for fun, my dog loves to run. I have a few friends also who also want to, competitivly, so is their like a jack russle terrier race type thing for mutts with pedigrees?


September 24, 2010 | By alice m. | 2 | Just Curious

does your dog like to lick your feet when you take off your socks?

Tags: silly habits

alice m.

June 22, 2010 | By sara b. | 4 | Need to know

we got my horse 6 years ago but the only person she trusts is me if my dad comes over even if i'm holding her she bolts. see she used to be roped to be caught so i'm the only one that she will let catch her in the feild. but she is perfect for me onc… more ›

sara b.

February 18, 2010 | By Amber | 10 | Just Curious

as my personal situation deals specifically with cats, this question is primarily aimed at folks with cats, though dog owners may also have some insight. for Christmas i bought our cats some oversize furry mice. these things were *big… more ›


February 11, 2010 | By cheech | 5 | Just Curious

last weekend I went to a dog sleedind event what do you think of this sport? this was my first time and I noticed that all the dogs seemed to be really excited to participate in the action!do you think they really like doin it?they also had snow scul… more ›


December 29, 2009 | By Maria M. | 9 | Need to know

Shes 7 months old. Trying to train her the right. Any advice?

Maria M.

July 27, 2009 | By Eskieluver88 | 5 | Just Curious

my kittens just recently turned 6months old, i started thinking of what to do for their 1st birthday. I know they sell dog "cookies" and "cakes" but ive never see anything like it for cats. If anyone knows of where they have anything similar or any i… more ›

Tags: fievel, wednesday


July 11, 2009 | By Melyssa G. | 10 | Just Curious

I live in San Diego and was wondering if anyone knew where I can get one for my dog. I don't have time to drive around looking for one so please help me!! Thanks so much! I finally found some at wal mart. Wow it was hard to find one… more ›

Melyssa G.

June 27, 2009 | By Coolreptile | 3 | Need to know

how do i delete a viedo


June 16, 2009 | By Cheryl | 1 | Just Curious

Just looking for other people in Sacramento that may like to get together with their guinea pigs sometimes...sort of like a social thing, or play time for the guinea pigs...


March 8, 2009 | By Danis | 13 | Just Curious

I am fostering a cat who is visually impaired, he has 80-90% loss of vision. He seems like he is less active than the other cats, but does play with toys occasionally and plays on the cat tree. Do you know of any toys, etc...that would be stimulating… more ›


January 26, 2009 | By Lakeisha G. | 10 | Just Curious

I just adopted a 1 year old catahoula leopard mix. I was just wondering how much exercise these dogs need. I was told a 45 minute walk a day should be enough. I was wondering if there were an other opinions.


November 3, 2008 | By Didka | 3 | Just Curious

Unfortunately, my cat is among the one third of cats who don't respond to catnip. I want to give her something similar though, for the fun of it. I know honeysuckle won't work because it has the same active ingredient as catnip - nepetalactone - whic… more ›


September 30, 2008 | By Joyce | 14 | Just Curious

my neighbors adopted my pup's brother like 2 weeks before I adopted mine. I adopted a little girl. My backyard is fenced in. They can not walk and exercise their puppy, medical reasons. They asked my husband, if we could let their puppy, which is a m… more ›


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