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July 2, 2010 | By Tracy | 2 | Just Curious

Thinking ahead for the holidays, I have two new kittens and will need two new christmas stockings for them. I would like red or green and maybe a nice pattern but the most important part is having their names embroidered on the top. I looked around a… more ›


August 26, 2009 | By Tracy | 2 | Need to know

I have a few photos in my Zootoo collection where the originals from 'My Pictures' file on my computer had been lost. When I save the picture and open it, it comes up really tiny. How can I save and get the photo back to original size?


June 17, 2009 | By Tracy | 2 | Just Curious

It came to my birdbath to sip the water. I have never seen a butterfly like this one. Usually we get Tiger swallowtails around central MA. I did some research and think it's a Red spotted purple butterfly?


May 25, 2009 | By Sheryl J. | 25 | Just Curious

I'm just curious, Pippit is just over a year old now and she has absolutely no interest in Catnip. I've tried all types, shapes and interesting little containers to peek her interest, but nope, she just does not care for it. more ›


April 6, 2009 | By Joyce | 37 | Just Curious

Do you do anything special, with your pets, for Easter? treats,clothes, maybe a walk?


February 16, 2009 | By Nicole B. | 21 | Just Curious

I'm from Alaska so all of my animals have alaskan names. Even most of my fosters if I think they remind me of home in anyway. I was just wondering how everyone else came up with names...I use a map!

Nicole B.

January 20, 2009 | By Gfiddle95 | 15 | Just Curious

I find myself having the urge to login, but then having nothing to do. I am wasting too much time.


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