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February 7, 2009 | By Morganchloe101 | 9 | Just Curious

i have my cat that goes in and out when she pleases

February 7, 2009 | By Robin W. | 6 | Just Curious

Does anyone have any idea how to keep other stray cats out of my outside cat's food ???? Sometimes she just sits there and watches them eat all of her food. She's so non-confrontational haha Thanks for your answers...I kn… more ›

February 7, 2009 | 7 | Just Curious

Cecil will not cover his waste. He scratches the air, the walls, the outter side of the box the vanity you name it. He will not touch the litter once he has gone. I have tried since he was a baby to teach him. Even taken his paw and helped him cover … more ›


February 1, 2009 | By bell o. | 6 | S.O.S.!

my female chi/mix started to bite. I will try to pick her up or take something away from her mouth or even when I tell her get off the bed or something she will growl. She was not like that as a young pup. My son would play rough with her and I told … more ›

January 25, 2009 | By Stevecat511 | 12 | Just Curious

Please read this before you do. With hard economic times and my husband's job slowing down, (he drives tractor trailer and hauls building supplies), we have tightened our belt in many areas. One of the budget items I tried to cut back on was the amou… more ›

January 24, 2009 | By Celeste | 15 | Just Curious

I was just wondering what you zootooers think is a good name for young rabbits.


January 24, 2009 | By Pia S. | 62 | Just Curious

Personally, I adore it, but have heard that some find it quite disgusting. How many enjoy a wet one from their pet?

Pia S.

January 23, 2009 | By B P. | 24 | Need to know

I am interested to learn of pet owner experiences with burying a deceased pet on their property.Do other pets bother or dig at the grave? Do you think cremation is necessary?

B P.

January 22, 2009 | By KCsMom | 8 | S.O.S.!

i am looking for help for a 90 year old woman who lives alone and whom i help look after now that she is without family in this world.... our dilemma is this...as the temperatures have dropped to well below zero here in new england she has bee… more ›

January 20, 2009 | By Gfiddle95 | 29 | Just Curious

I think zootoo should come up with some games. Even one or two would be fine. Just for a change. What do other zootoo members think about this suggestion.


January 20, 2009 | By Terri D. | 10 | Just Curious

We have fostered 10 kittens and every time we start cleaning the litter box all of them have climbed into the litter box as we are cleaning it.

January 19, 2009 | By mandy r. | 17 | Just Curious

My cat hercules absolutely hates it when there is a door that is closed. He is persistant & will meow & meow until that door is opened up again. He has even dug holes in the carpet as if he has tried to dig under it. I talked to my… more ›

mandy r.

January 18, 2009 | By Elizabeth P. | 8 | Need to know

It took me half an hour to find a "User name" that would satisfy you!

January 18, 2009 | By Pia S. | 11 | Need to know

Two thumbs up to everyone that responded. For those that said I have to "win" - - what does "win" mean" to you? The definition of "win" has been very misguided. I believe in "win" myself, but let's talk about what "win" means. Good discussion, e… more ›

Pia S.

January 18, 2009 | By Tracy | 6 | Just Curious

My cat Shadow goes nuts when we bring out vanilla ice cream or put whipped topping on cocoa etc. We give him a tiny taste but cannot do more as cats cannot process dairy. Does anyone know of a safe substitute that we could let him have?


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