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June 7, 2013 | By DONTTRUSTPURINA | 1 | S.O.S.!

There was Rat/ Mold found in our Kittens cat food bag Nov 29th! PURINA PET FOODS ...This was found in the bottom of our pets food bag and when we sent it to the lab the company REMOVED the rat and sent back the mold part. Needless to say I got… more ›


November 18, 2012 | 1 | Need to know

I'm thinking to buy one will it be good for a sugar glider

November 6, 2012 | By Sandi C. | 2 | Need to know

Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you like me doesn't like to use the potent all chemical type flea & tick killers like Frontline or Advantage. Have any of you found a good all natural alternative that works well? We have two English Bulldog… more ›

Tags: flea and tick control

Sandi C.

August 24, 2012 | By Zoey | 1 | Just Curious

How can i tell if a guinea pig is healthy and what supplies do i need?

February 26, 2012 | By BGenicola | 2 | S.O.S.!

I have this item and LOVE IT! I am looking to get additional ones as I now have multiple dogs! Can anyone tell me where to find it?

January 5, 2011 | By Daddy2Dodger | 1 | Just Curious

I am looking to purchase Dickens' Closet Fleece Booties...does anyone know where I might find them? In the past I purchased from Petco but they no longer carry this product. I am in New England. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

September 9, 2009 | By Amanda | 3 | Need to know

I have one of those puppy kongs. I recently went to put a treat in it a noticed it is sticky feeling all over the outside. Has anyone else had this problem? What could I do to get this to go away?


June 6, 2009 | By Stephanie L. | 1 | Need to know

I'm still wondering how I get the free kibbles to my Humane Society?

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Answer by Ches21

A: First off the command you should be using is Quiet not shut up also sometimes clapping your hands once and saying it will work. You can use … more ›

Answer by Momba

A: Ches, I just sent you a message to let you know that all your stuff is on here. I was able to see all your photos, blogs, questions, etc. … more ›

Answer by Momba

A: The best thing to do is make sure of what it is by seeing your vet. It could be nothing, but why take the chance that it could be something… more ›