Q: Young potbellied pigs turn over their water bowls

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I adopted two young potbellied pigs & I haven't found a water container that they won't turn over. They need a container that is short enough that they can drink from it, yet tall enough that they won't climb in & wallow around in it. It also needs to hold a sufficient amount of water that it won't evaporate in the summer. They turn over their water containers when they are rooting around. I am currently using a round galvanized bucket and an oval galvanized bucket. They turn them both over everyday while I'm at work.

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Katie W.

Mar 29, 2008

i don't have pigs but when my puppy was little and she used to do the same thing! so i tried cutting a milk jug in half but tall enough so she could drink out of it. since the plastic is pretty flimsy i set it near a wall and it worked! i hope it helps:)

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Mar 17, 2008

I have to assume these are outside pigs, based on the water evaporation part. I kept my pot bellies inside for over a year before I decided to put them out. I used water bottles for them when they were indoors. They took to them right away. Once I moved them outside I used a small bucket from the local farm supply store, and snapped the handle to the fence. It held it secure so they had water everyday, all day. I also made a swimming or loafing area for them. Pigs need the mud to keep flies away and to keep cool. I would take the water hose every morning and fill a small pan for them they would woller in it and root around in it. This was a form of entertainment for them. It also provided a way to cool down. Make sure you have plenty of shade for them, as a pig will burn. They can not sweat, they need ways to cool down. TSC or farm supply stores sell a big square feed pan made by Fortiflex that is also excellent for a water dish for potbellies. It is durable, washable and hard to flip. Wet the ground, make a little mud and push the pan into it. It will be more difficult to flip that way. Good Luck. Potbellies are so much fun.

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Mar 16, 2008

I don't think pigs will ever stop doing that. I had hogs for awhile, and they would fip over their full size troughs! I agree with Michele. Try and weight it down with something very heavy. I ended up bolting their water trough down, but in the house you may not be able to do something that permanent.

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Michele Z.

Mar 16, 2008

When I had a rabbit, she also loved to flip and play with her water bowl. I tried getting heavier bowls, but this was one strong and determined bunny! I eventually realized that I wasn't going to be able to find a bowl that she couldn't flip, so I decided I would have to make whatever bowl she had incapable of being flipped!

My solution was to surround her low bowls with bricks and her larger water bowl with CEMENT BLOCKS! You may need to look around for the ideal sized bowl to embed in the bricks/blocks, but you want to set it up so that the animals have access to the water but cannot grip the bowl in their teeth to raise it above the surrounding bricks/blocks. This really worked for me, so it is worth a try with your pot-bellied pigs.

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