Q: X-Large Pet Kennel/ Crate Question

March 16, 2009 | By Robin | 7 answers | Expired: 1999 days ago

X-Large Pet Kennel/ Crate Question

My Akita , not quite a puppy anymore, was traumatized, I think, and has literally destroyed the Petmate Kennel I got for X-Mas. I mean, it looks like a gorilla was thrown in there and tried to break it's way out, that's how mangled the bars are, the ones that aren't completely gone. The door won't even shut anymore. My son has bent the bars back a couple of times, but she's only gone and made it worse. Let me tell you that I am disabled and do have a tall fenced back yard but her former owner, who treated her horribly, now knows where we live and that she's looking very well and healthy, so I can't take the chance on him getting his hands on her. That was the whole reason for the Kennel in the first place, for me to be able to go to my doctor appointments in peace.

She still acts like a puppy, or should I say goat. :o) I really need help in finding something to contain her for just a few hours at a time. I don't know if they make the plastic crates large enough, or sturdy enough (I mean that she won't eat through it before I get home) for Akitas and if so, has anyone out there used any of them? Or anyone with any other really big dogs? Please help? Here is a picture of what the Kennel looks like now. I haven't used it in almost two months (I got it about the middle of December) and it was a X-Mas present. What a waste.

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Mar 18, 2009

I have an akita and he goes into a cage during the day. It was really hard at first because he would run away and I would end up dragging him in by his collar. Then to coax him in I desided to try treats. I started by putting him in there and giving him a treat. I did that for a couple of days and now I open the door to the cage and he gets in there without (hardly) any fighting. I still give him the treats so he will continue. If he gets difficult one daya dn I have to drag him in then he doesn't get a treat. It seems to be working for me. FYI Jack will be 6 this October.

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Mar 17, 2009

P if the X owner treated her so bad and tried to retake her it could be ugly for the X owner
Akitas are like elephants they never forgive and they never forget .a Very Complex dog! It will take a long long time for her to get over this ALSO keep people away from her that maybe are similar to the X in appearence ...your Akita could rip him a good one if there was any stealth stealing ..sorry that i cant help more ... let us know what progress you make with her .

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Stacie R.

Mar 16, 2009

We use a plastic crate with one of our dogs. She is tons more comfortable in a plastic one than a metal one (some dogs prefer one kind over another). We found ours on Craigslist for much cheaper than in a store. Also check places like Lowe's. They sometimes have Large and XL crates (metal and plastic) in their fencing section for much chea[er than you kind find at pet stores.

We also have done some work to make the crate a safe place for our Houdini. We havea crate fairy that visits our house ;) Randomly when the dogs aren't paying attention we throw treats in there for them to find. It starts to build a positive association with the crate.

We also use Rescue Rememdy for Daisy (you can find it at stores like GNC---it's for people but safe for dogs too). We use the drops in her water that's in her crate and the spray on a treat we give her before we leave. We also have a Comfort Zone DAP plug-in diffuser that is in the room where she is crated. It seems to help a lot.

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