Q: Wrap an open wound or no?

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Wrap an open wound or no?

My chihuahua, Precious, had a mast cell tumor removed from her foot and had to have the outer toe amputated with it. This was about a week and a half ago. It was nearly impossible to close and wasn't healing right so now I'm dealing with an open wound that looks just horrible to me but the vet said it will look bad and will likely take a month to heal. I asked him if I should keep it wrapped and he said no. Just to clean it with the scrub that he gave me twice a day... which I'm doing. Its already scabbing around the edges which I thought was bad but it isn't coming off and I don't want to scrub too hard, you know?

So my question is, is my vet correct that I should leave it unwrapped? Or should it be wrapped? I stress and worry so much about doing the wrong thing. I just want Precious to heal and be well again. :(


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Mary C.

Jun 08, 2011

Letting air get to the wound will help it heal as long as you can keep it clean. There is a great product called Vetericyn wound spray, it is completely non toxic and can probly be used with the scrub the vet gave you. It will help heal the wound very fast and help keep bacteria out of the wound as well. I have personally used this product for many things and it has worked were others have not.

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Kayla L.

Jun 09, 2011

Ask long as you can keep it clean and see no signs of infection then just monitor it and keep debriding the wound daily. I had a deep crater on the side of my ankle from an auto accident that had to stay open and aired and scrubbed out. Part of the hardened scabs when soaked, will scrub out as the new tissue is created.
What is the hardest part of this is for remain calm at your dog's discomfort. They really don't know what's going on and as uncomforable as cleaning the wound out gets, they have no idea why you're insisting on making them feel that yucky.

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