Q: Would you consider yourself an animal rights sympathize

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I was just wondering who here would consider themselves sympathetic to the animal rights cause? The more I learn the more it disturbs me how society as a whole thinks that animals are ours to exploit for profit. From what I've been reading there seems to be a rift between the animal welfare communities and the animal rights communities, what are your thoughts?

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Veronica (Ronnie) G.

Oct 23, 2008

I am for the animals. And this includes animal welfare and animal rights. To me, they are both the same.

However, when you differentiate between animal rights/animal welfare, apparently PETA comes up. I do think they do good work...and get things done...but I agree some of their tactics can be extreme. And extreme is ok if not taken to the max to the point of whacko. Green Peace is extreme, but with more "class," I would call it.

I have always been for animal welfare/animal rights. But it was when I became involved with anti-horse slaughter that I first experienced a focused advocacy for animal rights. But then again, anti-horse slaughter is also animal welfare, for the horses are terribly abused at auction and in transport to the slaughter house where more abuse/torture happens...an absolute barbaric horror.

I belong to a grassroots organization called, Americans Against Horse Slaughter (AAHS).


This groups main activity is to have a law passed to ban the slaughter of American horses for consumption overseas. A class organization that does advocacy with dignity and integrity. The best and only way to make changes...or one is not really heard. For example, when contacting U.S. Representatives, many want to know if I am with PETA...as most in government consider PETA a terrorist group. I know this sounds strange, but it is the truth. Government officials have been given workshops about "animal rights terrorist groups." So, needless to say, I always say what group I am with, AAHS.

And I recently have become involved with inhumane Factory Farming. Another advocacy that works to have laws passed, as well as rescuing these farm animals when found thrown on a heap, injured, left to die a slow, agonized death. They are euthanized or given sanctuary.

So again, I don't see the difference between animal welfare and animal rights. ??

The photo here is of a group of us in DC, the halls of Congress for anti-horse slaughter. Photo dark, but good Idea of what it like inside the Congressional buildings.
The background says much. Rights, Welfare, Justice.

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Oct 23, 2008

Yes, I am for all animals, rights and welfare. So, therefore, I am sympathetic to the animals' rights cause. Many people on this site have alot of negative feedback concerning PETA, but for me, they actually showed me with their undercover footage of some of the research laboratories, on their website, which is www.peta.org the sadistic, hideous reality of animal experimentation that made me sick! It motivated me to write letters to legislators, police officers, CEOS of various companies, and whereever else it is needed. I also gave up eating any meat or drinking milk, and I will never buy another item of clothing or accessories made with fur! Extreme? Maybe. But I refuse to support companies that fund, promote, and encourage animal cruelty and their barbaric slaughter.
As for PETA, they are not a perfect organization. However, I focus on what they do that is good and right for the animals, such as exposing the hidden sadistic torturing and killing of animals on fur farms, in slaughterhouses, research laboratories, and in circuses, "sports" that use animals for entertainment, and many others.
There are so many things you can do for animals, no matter how small it seems.
As for all these rifts between groups and organizations and individuals, I don't focus on it. I keep my eye on the cause that is most important to me, and that is the animals, their rights, welfare, safety, and protection. This is far more valuable to me than listening to people bickering amongst themselves or about this group or that organization. There is much to be done for these creatures. They need all of us. They cannot afford all this negativity between people, and between various groups.
There is also the Humane Society of the United States: www.humanesociety.org and www.stopanimaltests.com

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Oct 23, 2008

I too am for animals rights and animal welfare and also agree that PETA does good things but also goes too far at times. I eat meat but just believe that we should be treating animals in a humane way before killing them for food. I also don't believe in animal testing unless it is to save human life. Most animal testing is unnecessary.

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