Q: Will someone tell me how to participate in Pet Wars?

March 16, 2008 | By Brenda G. | 2 answers | Expired: 2464 days ago

Will someone tell me how to participate in Pet Wars?

I can't figure it out. I can't even find how to go to it. I'm really not always good at navigating around.

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Mar 16, 2008

Your pets are already entered in the pet wars. To get to it go to the home page. Down on the right hand side around the bottom of the page is a box with pictures of 2 animals and it will say pet wars. Click on it and it will take you to the main page for the pet wars. Pick the catagory you want and then click on the cutest picture. It will automatically bring up the next 2 photos. Be careful!! It is very addicting!!

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Mar 16, 2008

You go in pets and people, then you will see a blue strip on the bottom of pet wars. You click on the thing that says "pet wars" then you can vote on which pet is your favorite. You do not need to sign up. You are already signed up for it. If you want to see how your pets are doing in pet wars then just go on my zootoo and scroll down a small bit and it will give you the names of the top three pets and how they are doing. Make sure that you have a lot of free time on your hands because this gets extremely addicting!

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