Q: Will my chihuahua's ears stand

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Will my chihuahua's ears stand

We have been waiting to see whether Lola's ears will erect. Is there a time period when this happens? Also,she is a mix so this may be against her - I just love the way chihuahuas ears stand up. Is there anything I can do to help this along?

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Nena V.

Aug 08, 2008

Your Lola has a beautiful face. Usually if by three months the ears don't come up on their own, then that's it. Her floppy ears may be the product of her mix lineage or weak cartilage in some chihuahua cases. I have taped ears in pure breed chihuahuas and Chinese cresteds as advised by breeders. Believe me, they don't come up if there is weak cartilage. This have been my experience.

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Jessica H.

Aug 07, 2008

Dog's ears are usually "set" where they'll be for the rest of their lives around the same time they finish teething, which is approximately six months.

You could tape the ears to make them stand; many conformation owners do this with their dogs so they are up to "breed standard". They tape or glue them; I'm sure it would be a similar procedure to after a dog's ears are docked and they are taped to remain erect.

However, that's just the way she is programmed to be! Enjoy her floppy ears! My Charlie's ears are pricked, completely off for an Aussie, but everywhere I go everyone comments on them, and I love them! My dog isn't perfect physically, but that's what makes him special to me :)

Love all their flaws, because that's the way they're naturally meant to be :)

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Aug 09, 2008

Short answer - your cute lil' pooch is not a Chihuahua. Chihuahua ears stand on their own - saying that, I do agree about the weak cartilage, but that is a result of bad breeding and so should not really be a common occurance if the breeder is breeding genetically sound dogs.

Your pooch really looks more like a Miniature Pinscher - it's possibly a Min Pin-Chihuahua, but from the look of the almond eyes, longer muzzle and floppy ears, I'd say your pup is only half Chihuahua, if that. Chihuahuas have a short muzzle, an apple head, eyes that are large and orb-like, more like a Boston terrier's eyes than what I'm seeing here.

Regardless, she is very adorable!

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