Q: why isnt my beardie growing?

September 5, 2011 | By ashley | 1 answer | Expired: 1602 days ago


marley is over a year and a half and still fits in the palm of my hand. hes a very picky eater. crickets and worms are his choice. i have a hard time getting him to eat fruits and veggies. he just has to be in the mood for them i guess. his sister used to live in the same tank as him but he was dominating her and out growing her so she got moved to her own tank. shes growing at a good rate. shes almost full grown and she eats everything you put in her tank. they both have their tanks equipped with the proper lighting and accessories so i dont understand why one is growing and the other is not. marley also isnt very active. i try to take him out of his tank and let him explore a little bit at least once a day, but when hes in his tank he just lays on the top of his tree and sleeps mostly. should i take marley to the vet? am i doing something wrong?

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Sep 05, 2011

Yes I would take him to the vet! but also remember that lizards and snakes are the same as fish when they grow if they are in a small tank they won't get very big that way they have enough room to move around the bigger the tank the bigger they will grow!

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