Q: Why isn't goat an option in pets?

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I want to know why they don't consider goats a pet. Is there any way to change that?

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Mar 15, 2008

I was also wondering why they left out some animals in their pet category. I have pet goats, mini donkeys & potbellied pigs, none of which are considered as pets on zootoo. But what really puzzles me is why mixed breed cats aren't listed. If you add a cat to your zoo, you must select a breed, but they don't have mixed breed or domestic cats as a choice. In the dog category, mixed breeds are listed, however. I have written and called zootoo to request that they give us the option of selecting mixed breed cats, but they never followed through with their promise to add that option. Considering that this website was created to increase public awareness of shelter animals, one would think that zootoo would list domestic cats on their site. After all, mixed breed cats are euthanized more than any other animal in US shelters.

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Angela L.

Mar 15, 2008

Try emailing ZooToo about it. They seem to overlook a lot of the less common animals. I still can't believe that all the rabbit stuff is mixed in with the rodents, even many pet store sites keep them separate now due to popularity and different needs.

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