Q: Why is my guinea pig lethargic?

December 18, 2010 | By PinkPower23 | 0 answers | Expired: 1869 days ago

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my guinea pig seems to be lethargic, I don't know why. That happened to one of my guinea pigs, and then she dies. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong with my baby? Thanks.
ps - she is about 2 years old, In in may I saw she will be three ( I count the day I adopted her, her birthday)
her cage mate died about a month and a half ago, she was sad for a few days, but then she was fine, until now
I just tried giving her hay, and she wouldn't go to it. That has never, ever happened before
I think she has fleas, when I pet her, black flakes come out of her fur
She wouldn't try to go under her little bridge when I tried to pick her up (that only happened once, but it's never happened before)
She isn't really moving, she won't but in like, ten min she will squirm for a minute or so then go back to the laziness
Sorry it's so long! Please help!

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