Q: Why is my cat peeing on me?

September 28, 2009 | By Spitinkitten | 3 answers | Expired: 1867 days ago

Over the past year, three times my cat (9 years old) has jumped up on me when I am sitting on the sofa, and he will pretend he is going to lay down on my lap, but instead he quickly squats and pees on me and then runs away. He is strictly indoors, in good health, no other animals in the house, and has a self cleaning litter box. I cannot associate anything new or different with this behaviour, and he gets plenty of attention and playtime. After he does this, he knows he is being bad because he immediately runs away but will turn and give me an ugly look when he is about 15 feet away from me, then he will run upstairs. I am the only one he does this to. Also, there has been a significant amount of time inbetween the incidents. The vet laughs, and I am told that he is physically fine. I have tried ignoring him, adding a second litter box, and I took him to the doctor. He is a neutered male. Can anyone help?

In reading all the great answers I have come to the conclusion that he must be marking me as his territory. It kills me though, my husband is the one that primarily feeds him and gives him his nightly cookie. I just brush him, play with him and clip his claws. Yet he chooses to sleep with me at night until 10 minutes before my husband wakes up. It's like clockwork! I would think that he would rather pee on the one that is feeding him if it is a territorial thing..
The funny part is after getting the responses and thinking about it, I finally decided to stop ignoring the cat. He did a double take when I called his name and it was like a person seeing a relative for the first time in years! I got the head-mashing, love biting, lick my socks reaction. However, I will keep a thick blanket over myself when he is near, if anything to just save my couch!
Thank you for the answers!

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Sep 28, 2009

Since your vet has checked your kitty and says it is healthy, I am wondering if the following may be a part of it. It may be something to consider.
Scent Marking

Scent-marking is a form of communication, which has territorial and personal implications. It allows cats to advertise their priority with respect to living space, objects, other cats and people. It also serves as a method of advertising the breeding status of females.

Domestic cats often engage in scent-marking of one form or another and while we enjoy their bunting, other forms of marking behavior involve urine, feces, or furniture scratching. These are not as attractive to us!

When a cat defecates on its owner's bedspread or urinates on an owner's legs, this behavior should be viewed as a great compliment, signifying close attachment.

However, this is often not the pet owner's interpretation.

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Sep 30, 2009

My cat Lily peed on me one time too and I was PO'ed!! But now, I look back and laugh...It's kind of funny actually....

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daryl b.

Sep 28, 2009

i would agree with cathy and think he is marking you as his terrotory.

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