Q: Why is my cat crying at night?

November 2, 2010 | By Stephanie | 1 answer | Expired: 1835 days ago


My 2-year-old cat, Buddy, has always been the more vocal of my cats. Most of the time his little meows are cute. Not so much in the wee hours of the morning. Both of my cats are inside/outside. I live on a farm in the middle of the country so they have room to roam, although they stay close to home and are in and out throughout the day. I really like to keep them in at night to keep them safe from nighttime predators, like coyotes. Buddy will relax and happily lay around all day but then at night he starts whining. He acts like he is desperate to go out side. I have a litterbox and they use it, so that isn't the problem. It has been recent that he has started crying in the middle of the night, most every night. Sometimes he will calm back down and hang out or nap or whatever. I can;t think of anything in his routine that has changed that would be upsetting him. He is used to being let out, but it just isn't safe enough right now.

Maybe one problem I have is that during the day, sometimes he will meow and paw at the door to let me know he wants to go out, and so I let him out.

Any suggestions on how to stop the nighttime crying problem??

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daryl b.

Nov 03, 2010

if in fact it is because he wants out but you are keeping him safe from predators i would sugetst you put up with it and maybe he will stop. his safety is more important

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