Q: why does she do this?

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I have a fenced backyard and it has 3 gates one out to the alley, one into the carport, and one that goes around the corner into the front yard. we have chicken wire around one part of the fence cause if it's not there it's wooden and the way it's made Skitters or any other dog could get out without the chicken wire there no matter what the size of the dog. But anways my question is why does Skitters refuse to go outside if any of the gates are hanging wide open she has done this for a long time and if the gate is open she refuses to go outside until I go outside and Close the gate. So why does Skitters do this? Skitters is not a rescue she came as a puppy from a breeder, also when Skitters was younger she used to get loose alot and she would not care if the gate was open she would just run and run. It seems as if my step dad leaves the gate open doors open and doors unlocked cause that is the way he was raised. So why does she do this?

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Aug 04, 2011

Maybe she doesn't trust the idea of another dog getting in while she's outside. My guess is the open gate makes her feel vulnerable somehow, so you should consider her past and what she may have been through.

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Aug 08, 2011

I agree with Jillian...she doesn't feel secure with gates open. Smart dog! I always ensure the gates are secured before letting my dogs outside. If she's a rescue, it could have something to do with her past. Another dog could have come through an open gate & jumped on her, or it could just be an innate feeling of insecurity because she senses the big wide world on the other side of that fence & feels more secure being protected from that.

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