Q: why does my dog chew her hair off her legs

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why does my dog chew her hair off her legs

my poodle is starting to chew the hair off her legs again. She has been to the vet for this and they ruled almost everything out . they called it allergies and she was getting shots at home. I also gave her a medi bath (tar & sulfar) that seemed to do the trick but now lately I have been catching her doing it again. I dont want to cone her if I dont have to and I hate to give her shots. But if I have to I will. It does seem to happen more in the warmer months. I try to keep her shaved down which also seems to help.If anyone has any sugestions that may be helpful I like to hear. I have run out of Ideas myself other than keeping her shaved all the time. She does go out more now thats its warmer out.When she was getting the allergie shots alone it didnt seem to work. The pic was the last episode about 3 months ago.I will take her to work and shave her again and give a medi bath but I'd like some ideas.

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Jun 24, 2009

Hi Jackie:

Here is my story:

About 6 months ago, my dog developed minor crusting in her ears (almost liked bits of dried blood). She eventually scratched them so that the hair came off her ear tips and behind. The vet said it was either a parasite, bacteria or fungus. (I could have told you that!!) Anyway . . he gave some salve, which did not work. A month later, he gave an antibiotic, which did not work. The scratching continued and soon she began scratching and biting at her feet. I switched her to a grain free diet, which did not help. I took her to a different vet and he thought she had an autoimmune disorder, but stated the treatment was worse than the disease (long term use of prednizone and chemotherapy drugs). I declined treatment and waited a month. The scratching and biting continued to get worse. I went to a third vet, who treated her holistically with vitamins and supplements. I also converted her to a raw diet. This did not work. By this time she was so sad and even refused to go for a walk - the pads of her feet were so red and swollen along with her elbows, limbs and stomach, which she had scratched and licked raw. Along with general depression and the licking and scratching, she also shook her head regularly. Anyway . . my last resort, I took her to the University of Minnesota Vet Clinic. Guess what . . . my dog has sarcoptic mange, commonly referred to as canine scabies (kind of an ishy thing , , , but way better to have a treatable disease than something untreatable and watching them suffer.) Throughout all of this, I learned that sarcoptic mites (scabies) are difficult to diagnose in a dog. They are microscopic and don't always show up under the microscope. It is very common to have negative results even when a dog is heavily suffering from mange. (My dog had several skin scrapings from the other vets which were all negative until the U of M was able to find it.) Also, I learned that the symptoms of sarcoptic mange mimic other conditions such as auto immune disorders and allergies. And so, my suggestion to you, Jackie, is to look this up on the internet and see if it fits under your dog's symptoms. If so, go back to your vet if you trust them or go to a university vet school hospital if there is one in your area, and get to the bottom of it. The treatment includes applications similar to Frontline for ticks. It is called Revolution. After about 24 hours, my dog is now resting more peacefully than she has in the past 6 months. It will take a while for this to fully work but for now I am so grateful to the staff of the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital. If I can help you further, please feel free to email me.

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Jun 24, 2009

ok - stop and keep in mind - dogs don't have an immune system like ours - so allergy - not likely. first of all - what kind of food is the dog on - it could be a culprit - I had a dog that did this - only shaved down spots on front leg - came from frustration - when I'd go to a dog show - leave him behind - he'd do it - sprayed a little vinager on the legs - he stopped. as for the hot spot theory - not - I've found too often to count - a true " hot spot " as it were - would be a dog licking itself - and you'd know - it leaves an orangey color - from acid - and it would be all flakey - and the hair would be matted down - and the skin irritated red. odds are - its as simple as a bug bite - sand fleas - mites. or boredom - frustration - stress. try spraying it with the vinegar - they hate the taste - wash the dog in dawn - put a half inch in the bottom of a water bottle - add a couple of inches of water - wet the dog down - soap up and rinse. it'll rinse easier - and if you use a hair dryer - make sure its on no heat or cold shot. you can wipe down the legs with a wash cloth that has been put in a solution of water and dawn. that'll help - in between baths.

you can also use things to boost the coat - hard boiled or scrambled eggs - protein - you can go to www.wholisticpet.com - and look under canine - and get the salmon oil - add it to the food - helps with the skin. seen huge improvements with the coats on dogs -

hope that helps

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Jun 28, 2009

I have a 12 yr old chow that went through similar issues. We did the shots, predisone tabs, special baths and fleas tabs. All didn't work, or helped maybe for just a short period. I found out that Claire was allergic to wheat / gluten. This was a long research of process of elimation. So now I feed her dry and wet food made by "Blue" that has no wheat. She is doing much better. Also I used some homepathic remedies you can find at Newtlabs.net in the PET section. Good luck.

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