Q: Why does my dog act so dramatically?

December 2, 2012 | By Balmazon | 1 answer | Expired: 1151 days ago

We have a 6 month old blue heeler. She will not come to us after being in trouble for something which angers us more that she is being so disobedient. Our theory is that since she is such a smart breed that she is trying to trick us. Also she will scream not whine or bark when she is in trouble, we are not hurting her just carrying her to her bed and she will just yelp so so loud and cry like she is being beat. Why does she do this? What can we do to make her listen? She also hates her cage, she will cry cry and cry until we come home to get her out. What will help? Shes a smart dog she knew how to sit, stay and lay down within three weeks of having her, and she knows how to fetch. She will do bad things right in front of us and when we scold her she just keeps going she has no self control. I understand she is a young dog still but she is acting out very obviously. She eats good food three times a day, we play fetch with her twice a day to run out her energy and she has a plethora of toys to keep her busy. Has had all her shots and a clean bill of health. What does this behavior mean?

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Dec 02, 2012

All dogs are smart in fact smarter than people as far as I am concered but all I can say is this should not make you angry it takes time there is a possiblity that she doesn't like her name and would like to have a diffrent name sometimes that is the case maybe you should do some research where did she come from if she is from a puppy mill or a shelter she doesn't want to be in a kennel or a carrier it might be a reminder of bad memories all puppies take alot of time and effort what I find funny is the breeds of dogs that they say are the smartest can be the most destructive if not given something to do or take longer to train that is why I like to stick with mixed breeds and breeds that no one wants anymore or the ones no one seems to be aware exsist that was what the Rat Terrier use to be and still is a bit but if you can't handle it and you want to give her up take her to a rescue heelers are very smart dogs and it does take awhile with them and I can also say you should not get a certain breed of dog just because you read that they are smart and highly intelegint all dogs are smart and highly inteligent get a dog cause you feel a special connection with them and they seem to have that with you a puppy picks everyone but once she understands she will listen and start to have that special bond with you maybe you should sign her up for training classes at petco or pet smart.

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