Q: Why does my cat meow so much?

June 27, 2010 | By Mary T. | 1 answer | Expired: 2043 days ago

Mary T.

What is my cat yelling about, all the time?

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If your cat is meowing constantly, pay attention to the differences in the yells. Without parsing the racket, which other cats do better than we, some meaning can be derived from the caterwauling.

Pay attention to context, when your cat is particularly loud, and you’ll soon figure the circumstances: The “demand” call (and the more plaintive “begging demand” call); the “bewilderment cry;” the “complaint call;” the “mating call;” (the female’s may be both loud and two-syllable); the wail of “anger” (sometimes combined with growling and hissing); true” caterwauling” (by either or both cats in a fight); the “refusal “cry (low and discontinuous); “spitting” (an involuntary cry); cry of “pain”; and the “snarl.” In older cats, constant vocalization without apparent meaning is a sign of feline dementia.

Some cat yelling can indicate possible medical problems.

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