Q: why do shelters treat people who surrender their pets like criminals?

February 18, 2009 | By Rascalsmommy123 | 31 answers | Expired: 2532 days ago

why do shelters treat people who surrender their pets like criminals?

I know that there are bad people out there. People that mistreat their pets or treat them like property. But there are some that think of their pets as their children. I lost my home. I couldn't take my babies with me. I did the responsible thing and surrendered them to the animal shelter. But they refuse to let me inquire as to their status. Adopted? Put to sleep? I just want to know what happened to my kids.

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Feb 19, 2009

When you give up your pets, you also relinquish the right to know what happens to them. A lot of times it isn't pretty and that is why the shelter won't tell you. Happy endings for relinquished pets are few and far between. If you relinquished your pets to an animal care and control agency, they probably euthanized them that same night.

I am thankful that when I did have to give up my cat, I worked at the shelter and helped find her a good home. I still think about her now and then but it helps to know that she is in a good place. Plus I have the reassurance that if her new owner couldn't care for her, she would come right back to the shelter that adopted her out.

I agree with the posting about shelter workers hearing nothing but excuses all day long. I personally know a pair of cats that were relinquished twice due to allergies. The first time it was probably true but definitely not the second time as they had the cats for nearly a year. Shelter workers have to focus on the needs of the animals in their care. Your needs don't count for much when animals are grieving the loss of their familiar routine and family.

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Feb 18, 2009

I believe that when you surrender your pet that they do this so you do not decide you want the animal back and put up a disagreement with the new owner. I am sure they do not mean any harm toward you but I also believe that they do have some that want to get their pets back no matter what they have to do.

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Feb 19, 2009

They shouldn't treat people like that. Good customer service should be part and parcel of any good shelter. I'm sorry you were treated that way.

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