Q: Why do most people answer questions on here, regardless of whether advice is solicited?

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I asked a question about whether Lysol is safe for pets, saying I stopped using it years ago when I heard it was toxic to pets. But I know that a vet clinic is using it. My question is, not what should I use, but is Lysol safe?

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Dorothy H.

Nov 02, 2008


On this site it says:
"Do NOT use Pine-Sol or Lysol around cats. They contain phenol, which has proved harmful to felines. Bleach is your best disinfectant, unless you are using a disinfectant made for animal use, available at pet supply stores."

I know it still does not answer your question as to why vets use it, but might be a start to your answer.

Anything ending with ol has phenol in it.

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Nov 03, 2008

to answer your first question, people answer questions with improper advice (or give information that doesn't answer the question asked) because it's all about the points.

To answer the Lysol question: best case scenario, Lysol is a respiratory irritant. It is especially harmful for birds, small mammals (rabbits, rodents, etc), and cats. Worst case scenario, the phenolic compounds in lysol (the same ingredients that kill germs) can cause severe toxicity issues.

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Veronica (Ronnie) G.

Nov 03, 2008

Lysol and most commercial cleaning agents are now known to be toxic. Need to be used carefully. I would imagine the veterinary clinic would need to use Lysol due to the increased pathogens in a vet clinic. I doubt they would endanger animals...maybe they use it diluted and/or in special areas?

I would not use Lysol at home close to my pet. Yes, to wash a floor, but I always rinse right away. Straight white vinegar, or vinegar mixed with water, is a good cleaning agent. However, I find fumes from vinegar to be irritating to my throat, so I imagine to an animal's also. Eyes too. Again...dilute and/or rinse right after using.

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