Q: Why do dog's noses change colors?

March 20, 2009 | By avery | 9 answers | Expired: 2485 days ago


My dog had a black nose when we got him, but now he has a pinkish nose. Does anyone know why?
For those who asked-
My dog is 2 and about a half
He's very healthy
Doesn't eat anything out of the normal
And he drinks out of a metal bowl

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Apr 10, 2009

It happens to a lot of dogs. The one thing that I would suggest, and it sounds a little strange to some people, is to put sunscreen on your dog's nose, especially during the summer. Any animal with a very light or pink nose has a higher chance of skin cancer on it's nose. I saw many animals while I worked for a vet that had to have major operations to remove cancerous lesions from light colored noses and ears.
A little effort at prevention could pay off a lot. Make sure to check any products that you use for anything that could poison your dog.

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Mar 21, 2009

First, how old is your dog? if he is over 3 years old, thats fine. under three, he might be sick.since its hard to get him into the vet, you should do some "sniffing" of your own! has he eaten any thing weird? has his nose brushed against any thing that might have caused it? think about that and you might be able to find out whats wrong!

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Robin W.

Mar 20, 2009

My dog is 10 and her nose used to be all black also. My husband jokes that she licked all the black off.

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Peggy B.

Mar 21, 2009

Our golden retriever's nose changed from black to pinkish too! I've heard it has something to do with eating out of plastic bowls, but that may be just a rumor--I don't know. I guess we could try a metal dish and see if it gets black again. :)

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