Q: Why do bunnies get so stinky?

November 30, 2011 | By BabyRuth | 1 answer | Expired: 1515 days ago


I mean I Clean there cage out every day, and feed them regularly, and pet them and give them love! but they always smell and there in a seperate room with a curtin up and everything but I can still smell them throught thee house! what is going on? and how do i stop it from smelling?

See, I spray this really nice air freshener in there when like guest come over and stuff but it still stinks in there! why is that?

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Nov 30, 2011

There could be a number of reasons...If you happen to have a male bunny that has reached sexual maturity and isn't neutered, he will mark his territory with his scent. Are they litter box trained? Some products are better at controlling odors than others. Clay litters are bad for their respiratory system, so something like Carefresh would be the best choice to put in their box. Are any of your bunnies overweight. Sometimes overweight bunnies can't reach their anus to clean themselves and will end up with waste stuck to their fur. Always check the underside of your bunnies to make sure they're clean. Also check the genital area and anal/scent glands. Occasionally, those need to be expressed and cleaned as well. If you find hardened, dark, waxy material around the scent glands, you can use a moist cottonball or or soft, damp cloth to soften it and remove it. The product from the scent glands is a very strong, pungent odor.

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