Q: Why are some dogs more often on Pet Wars than others?

March 2, 2009 | By Lynn R. | 28 answers | Expired: 2015 days ago

Why are some dogs more often on Pet Wars than others?

I have one pet who has been voted on 60, one 13 times and one that has not been up on pet wars yet and he has been up longer than the one who has 60 votes. I was playing pet wars the other day and in that short time saw one dog twice? Anyone know what governs how or when they appear?

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Mar 02, 2009

I was wondering that too. I have yet to see any of my girlfriend's dogs on here.

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Diane C.

Mar 03, 2009

I guess I'm curious why we're voting on pets from 2006. I think only current pets should be coming up, especially with the Makeover contest going on - that would seem more fair to me...

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Ann W.

Mar 04, 2009

I've got a couple yet to be voted on too...hope the ZooToo folks figure this one out!

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