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Over the summer when I called the local humane socitey about two dogs running wild in the streets and then only staying on one street jumping in peoples yards just to chase their dogs and cats they said they would come I stood outside for hours on end watching the dogs and waiting for them to come once the humane socitey had closed they still had not shown up and the dogs I saw them still running up and down the streets with no collars on no one ever came to pick them up even when I had caught them and kept a hold of them I was working in a yard of a house my grandma owned at the time and could not let them loose in that fenced yard. so I held on to them as long as I could but no one ever showed up for them. The reason I am asking this now is because I don't know who to call out on west side highway at my dad's trailer park westside haven it might be called heaven I am not sure it is the only one out that way with that name but in trailer 64 every time I am out there walking my dads dog at when I go by that trailer I hear numourous dogs barking it sounds like 10 or more dogs in that small trailer and I am worried about them it is in Longview,WA zip code 98632 they might consider it the town though right next door to longview which is kelso but since it is outside of Longview I think it is Lexington. If you know and would like to let the proper people know yourself then you may but if you know then let me know so that I might be able to call and let them know?

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Mar 11, 2010

keep trying to humane society. there are two other organizations you can call, but it will likely result in the dogs being put to sleep. those would animal control and the dog warden - but never, ever call either of these unless you see an animal who appears rabid or disoriented.
be persistent w/the humane society. if you know/can find out where these dogs live, let them know. many people have had trouble w/the humane society not coming through, but in your situation - if they don't know where the dogs live, there's not much they can do. the people who own these dogs just need to learn not to let them run at large. in the end, you don't want the dogs killed, just managed better. at some point, someone is likely to call someone who will have them put down, so this is your chance to try to help them.

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