Q: Which breed do you think I should get? (just asking for opinion) A Pug, or an Italian Greyhound?

July 26, 2008 | By Dogluv435 | 5 answers | Expired: 2741 days ago

I'm just asking for your opinion.

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Jessica H.

Jul 25, 2008

Well it depends on your lifestyle, living situation, current household pets, if you have children or other people living in the household, and how much time you have to dedicate to caring for your pet each day.

Try taking this "Breed Selector" quiz:

Otherwise, do you *have* to get a purebred pup? Maybe you should stop by your local shelter or browse around at greyhound and pug mixes at www.petfinder.com and who knows? Maybe you'll find one and fall in love, AND save a life all at the same time :)

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Aug 04, 2008

It really depends on what you want the temperment to be. If you want a happy dog, get the Pug. If you want a very mellow dog get the Italian Greyhound

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Rhonda S.

Aug 07, 2008

Go to dogbreedinfo.com They have a survey asking questions such as how big your house/yard is, ages of any children, how often you want to groom a pet etc. etc. Answer all the questions and it will give you a list of dogs that would bes t suit your home/family. It maybe that a pug or Italian Greyhound wouldn't be right for you.

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