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January 5, 2010 | By Lisa D. | 4 answers | Expired: 1802 days ago

Lisa D.

I need to find a loving home for my one yr old female boggle mix (boxer beagle), I have MS and it is progressing and she deserves a better home. Is there somewhere on here that I can post it?

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Jan 16, 2010

I would take her to a rescue and if you want to foster her until she finds a new home then you may be able to. What a about a really close friend or family member then you would be able to still see her and visit her sometimes. Also I have a friend with MS and she works with rescued paws and has lots of foster cats and wants a dog and she is on cruchtes that clasp to the arms or in a wheel chair most of the time. If you can keep her she is probably your best friend. Also if it were me I would do whatever I could to keep my dog so that I did not have to give it up. If it came down to it though and I had no chioce it would go to a close friend or family member if possible if not I would do resreach on anyone that decides they want the dog I would also have paper work for them to fill out if I could so that I knew if it would be a good home for the dog or not I would also interview them and ask to have a look at where in their house the dog would be staying. I would also want to visit them or call them regualarly to make sure the dog was doing okay. Hope this helps!

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Jan 06, 2010

Go to adoptable pets here. Also you could contact rescue groups in your area & let them help you place her if that's truly what you want to do. I work with rescues & they are usually more than happy to network a request like this & even screen for you. I'm sorry about your MS. It can be a very scary thing to not know from one day to the next what is going to happen. I've had MS for about 15 years now. Good luck to you.

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Jan 05, 2010

the adoptable pet section on zootoo is for shelters and rescues, unfortunately {and even though i'm signed up as a rescue, i still can't figure out how to post an animal}.
what i use is craigslist.org. i post my fosters twice a week {friday and monday seem to be the best}. there's a few tips to finding the right home on there b/c craigslist really brings in EVERYONE, the good and the bad.

* always ask for a rehoming fee. $50-75 for dogs is good. if anyone wants to negotiate this price, do not adopt to them. animals should never be negotiated.

* have an eye catching subject line. something silly always get's more attention. for instance, a black and white kitten i had was posted as "What's Black and White and CUTE All Over?" - that one got well over a hundred views and about ten phone calls.

* keep it brief, but make it personal and intelligent. many posts on craigslist will turn you off b/c the person comes off as an idiot, making you weary of adopting from them.

* have four equally sized good pictures ready to post. a perfect 4x4 inch pic is best. have at least two close up shots of their face, one of their entire body, and if you can, try to have the fourth be one that shows their playful side. when the photos are good, the animal has the best shot at adoption.

* anytime you can pull on someones heart strings, do it. people love animals and usually want to adopt the ones who really need it. w/all the animals available through craigslist and elsewhere, sometimes you need that advantage.

* screen the heck out of any perspective adopters. make sure it's the right home for the animal and also the right fit for the people. when someone wants to adopt from you, you're allowed to ask whatever you want and they won't get offended. you know your dog best and you should be picky.

* don't let them take your dog home w/them. always deliver the animal to the home after they've met them at your place. sometimes it seems so perfect, but when you get to their home you discover a huge deal breaker. never at any time be afraid to say no to them.

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daryl b.

Jan 05, 2010

lisa i am so sorry about your ms. but don't you think you can still give her a loving home? there is a drop down that saysadoptable pets. that maybe it. i wish you luck and hope the progression slows. please take care. and again i am so sorry

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