Q: Where is the best place to buy a hamster

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I want to purchase a hamster for a friend but I don't want to get it from the wrong place. There are Petsmarts, Petcos, and small family owned stores around me. Should I get the hamster from the large chain store or from the smaller family store. I don't want to contribute to any stores that might be neglecting their animals. Thanks in advance!

I have asked my friend if she would be ok with this and she is totally happy with the idea. She got me Lilo so I thought I would return the favor and get her a hamster. Hers passed away about a year ago and she and I thought it was time for her to add another little hamster to her family.

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Lauren P.

Dec 02, 2009

Honestly, if you could avoid a petstore all together, I would vote for that option! I know it's not always entirely possibly..but it's so hard to get good animals from petstores. Most of the time petstore animals are neglected or not taken care of properly in some form.

I got my hamster from an accidental litter..not exactly recommended, but hey it worked. I would recommend looking into a breeder if at all possible. I know it's hard to find breeders of small animals sometimes, but it's worth the look! Also, you could check out your local animal shelter. I know we frequently get hamsters and other small animals such as rabbits in ours. They need homes too. :)

If you do have to go for a pet store though..I'd probably opt for the smaller family business. Probably less of a chance for more of the evils of pet stores.

I had a rat from a petstore..and I went through hell with the poor guy. He had tumors, abcesses, eye infections..he eventually had to have his eye removed because it became cancerous. He lived to be 2.5 but man he caused me so much heartache and lots of money! Just one more reason to avoid a petstore..unhealthy animals. :(

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Dec 01, 2009

If it were me I would get the hamster from an animal rescue or the humane socitey. In my past experince a small family owned pet store is a bad idea. When I was in middle school my mom got me and my brothers four dwarf hamsters all females from a place called java's jungle pets this pet store was a small family owned one. We had Ding-dong who really was a ding-dong, we had Kiss who would give everyone kisses, we had Feisty who really was feisty and last but not least we had vicous who really was vicous she would bite anyone who tried to hold her and gave all of us some pretty bad bite marks and if you reached your hand in to pick up another hamster she would run at your hand and bite your hand and hold on tight like she was in a fight for her life. My tom cat Biff who was around back then killed all of them one night after knocking the cage down while all of us where asleep. But a couple years later we went back to the same place and got four more hamsters expecting to get home with all females like they had told us they were but we got home with one male and three pregnant females. So we raised the babies and then found all of the hamsters new homes. I went in the pet store a couple times after that to find a very sickly looking rabbit with it's ribs showing and it was sneezing the place was very dirty only the kennels and cages on the inside were clean. The kittens and puppies were usaully running loose so once when I went in I stepped on a kittens tail by acceident I had no idea they were letting them run loose about the store. The parrots would bite everyone and steal jewlery and they were for sale. after a while they went outta bussniess. Petco is a good chioce the animals there are always healthey and friendly.

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Tricia L.

Dec 01, 2009

Yikes. Im not sure what the right answer is.
I would say look around at a couple dif places and see how they look.
I got my little brother a hampster from a local small pet store.
He is a great lil guy!!! You can see him in my pictures!
I guess you will have to go by your gut feeling and what you see in the pet store.
=) Good luck!

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