Q: Where is a good place to find an animal behavior major?

October 31, 2008 | By Denise N. | 4 answers | Expired: 2203 days ago

Where is a good place to find an animal behavior major?

I am currently a freshmen at BHSU in south dakota and i was planning on majoring in Biology, however i dont think that profession would make me as happy as i once thought. All i really want to do is own my own animal shelter and house animals that are abandoned or just need a home. Thats all i really want to do, is there a major for this. Or where is a good college that offers ANIMAL BEHAVIOR majors? Also what kind of jobs could i get with that. I want to spend everyday of my like with dogs, cats and other animals, somewhere that i can feel the love. Any ideas, suggestions, or comments????
<3 Denise

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Nov 05, 2008

You might try taking psychology classes to learn more about behavior. Check Perdue and Tufts universities. Definitely volunteer at a shelter for a while before making a decision. if you want to be a dog trainer check out the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

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Nov 04, 2008

I don't think that there is a major in animal behavior but if you really would like to help out abandoned animals, an animal shelter would be a good star to learn what you need to know. Start volunteering at you local shelter or maybe start even working for them. This way you can figure out what you really want and you are amongst the right people who can direct you.

Good Luck!

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Oct 31, 2008

I believe the University of Illinois...maybe it's Urbana. Also, UC Davis is good. Somewhere in New York--may be New York City, also has a program. Sorry I don't recall specifics. Be very cautious and do your homework though. Check out the professional associations, such as the APDT site and the professional animal behavior organizations. If you find a program you want me to review, email me a message. My master's is in Higher and Adult Educaiton, so I know how to evaluate a program for proper accreditation and such.

You could work as a dog trainer and consultant, with your own business. You could work for a zoo, or you could teach, but I htink those jobs are few and far between for animal behavior. You could also do research if that's your cup of tea.

There is a graduate program somewhere out west ---maybe California or Washington state -- that offers a master's in non-profit management of shelters. What I would recommend is Googling the specific or related degree you're thinking of.

Again, message me if you have specific questions. I'd be glad to help you evaluate the programs.

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D W.

Oct 31, 2008

I admire your goal. I don't know of any animal behavior majors, but I'm sure you can get information on the Internet.

My thought was for you to become a Vet Tech. I volunteer at a local shelter and we have a Vet Tech on staff. She is invaluable. She does so many things that would require us taking an animal to a Vet which, of course, saves the Shelter a lot of money. She is also there if something happens and quick care is needed.

Vet Techs are also invaluable in Veterinary practices. It's a great place to learn.

You can start as a volunteer and learn what you can about rescue. In time you will be able to use your training, experience and the network of people you meet to, hopefully, start your own rescue.

Good luck!

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