Q: where do i go or who do i go to in order to get the rat i acquired adopted??

September 20, 2008 | By Kathy15 | 2 answers | Expired: 2679 days ago

she is very sweet and needs a tumor removal operation that i am willing to donate money for, i just want her to have a good home with a caring owner.

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Jo D.

Sep 21, 2008


I think you can contact these people


They may be able to direct you, you can also google new jersy rat rescue and see what you can find. I rescue horses and just googled those words and found the site above. I checked it out and it is a working link with contact info that appears valid.

Good luck to you!


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Tracy Moser Re Pets M.

Sep 24, 2008

When i come across an animal We cant handle I search petfinder.com for a specific rescue that can take it. You may have to drive a little bit to meet them but you can be assured that it will be going to an proper place.

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