Q: Where Can I Find One?

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I want to get a harness for Shorty cause he is a curios cat and I want to leash train him so I can take him outside and on walks. I have looked everywhere for a comfort harrness in his size but I can't find one. he would not like the other harnesses I tried them they bug him but the comfort harrness should be fine. I can only seem to find them at petco though and they are all kitten size or the cat would have to be really small if it were full grown to wear it. And Shorty is a medium sized cat so does any one know were I can find a comfort cat harrness in Shorty's size?

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daryl b.

Aug 20, 2010

i would think you could get one at any large pet store

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Aug 25, 2010

My sister-in-law bought her cat a harness recently. I talked with her and she bought a smaller-size dog harness. There are many types available, as you know. She found it at a local feed & pet supply store in her area.

Be sure to take time when introducing your cat to the harness so it is not rejected right away. My sister-in-law's cat just loves it now!!!

Good Luck! :-)

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