Q: Where can I buy one? and how much is it?

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I end up with alot of dogs and cats showing up at my house alot of them are in the paper but have no picture and they are hard to identify and some are peoples missing pets I have ran in to this problem before where I can not reach the owners but need to find them or find out if the cat or dog has owners or not lately I have been wondering about Elmer Fudd he is my only ferral cat right now he is very shy but he comes to me every now and then I am wondering if maybe he has a micro chip and has a home cause I am worried about him, cause there is a guy who lives next door and every time Elmer Fudd sees this one guy no other person just this one guy he runs off fast away from the guy I don't know if the guy has been mean to him or not but I would really like to find out if Elmer Fudd has an owner before I call the humane socitey up and see if they have room or take him to paws, So how much does a micro chip scanner cost and where can I buy one? Also does it take batteries and if so what size or does it use a charger? Please give me an awnser soon I am very concered about Elmer Fudd Dimond and cartoon though don't seem to be scared of this man. I would like to let his owners know if he has owners please let me know?

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Nov 18, 2011

Microchip scanners are battery-operated. I don't know if any are rechargeable or not...probably. They run anywhere from $120 all the way to $600 or $700. The cheaper ones will only scan for one type of microchip. Unfortunately, microchips aren't universal and can't be read by all scanners. The scanners that read 9, 10, and 15 digit ISO chips are much more expensive, but more apt to read the chip. The 125 kHz used to be the most common chip and could be read by MOST scanners, but not all. There's also a 134kHz chip that is an international chip, as well as a 128kHz chip that was introduced here in 2007. It's much easier to just take the found pet into a rescue group, shelter, or your vet to have them scan it. They're trained in the use of scanners, which is important. If you don't do it exactly right, it won't detect the chip. Also, they'll be able to have access to the microchip registry (there are several companies that put out and register microchips) and have access to the contact info.

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