Q: When Crate Training A New Dog, How Long Should They Remain In The Crate Daily?

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We just adopted a 6 month old puppy from the humane society & my husband and I are crate training him. He hasn't really had many accidents inside & he holds it until we take him outside. I just feel bad having him in the crate all day. One trainer told me I was supposed to leave him in there all day while he is training. She said it was for his own benefit and once he was fully house trained he could be let out. But who knows how long that could take & I feel bad cause he looks so bored in there. I did let him out once for 1 second and sat with him petting him & he ended up getting so excited that he peed on me. LOL Any tips?

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Wendy W.

Dec 02, 2008

I am a fan of crate training to help house break dogs. HOWEVER, I do not recommend keeping poor puppy in there ALL DAY!!! Part of housebreaking is teaching the dog to give you signs when he/she needs to go outside!

I have 4 dogs, including a recently adopted 4 mo. old Aussie mix puppy. She is crated ONLY when I am at work and nobody is home. I started out taking her outside every 2 hours, and now we go out every 4. Everytime we go out I have her sit by the door. Then I take her out to the same spot and tellher to "potty." When she does, she gets a big praise! She will have accidents, but I keep her in my eyesight at all times, so I can catch her in the "act" and tell her no.

Dogs, especially puppies need exercise and socialization. Leaving your puppy in the crate all day will NOT housebreak her!! The purpose of the crate is to keep her safe when you are gone and to prevent her going in the house while you are gone. Dogs do not like to potty where they eat/sleep, so the theory is they won't go in their crates. But puppies have little bladders and accidents will happen in the crate if left too long!

It is also important to take your puppy to potty immediately before putting her into the crate and the second you open the crate door to let her out! It reinforces that she potties outside and also gives her the best chance of not having an accident!

Good luck!!!

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