Q: When a puppy is ready to sleep out of the crate?

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When a puppy is ready to sleep out of the crate?

I have a 3 month old puppy who is doing really well with housetraining. I was wondering...How do I know if and when he's ready to sleep out of his crate overnight? We've bought him a dog bed and he's very comfortable with it. I have fallen asleep with him in it and he didn't even get out. When I woke up he was still knocked out, lol. My idea was to let him sleep in my room in his dog bed with the door closed? But would he just sleep since it's dark, or would he possibly get up and walk around? Possibly get up and use the bathroom in my bedroom? Any ideas or answers? I want to give my dog as much "out of the crate time" as possible.

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Tricia L.

Sep 18, 2009

If you crate train properly your puppy will love the crate. My last dog used to love hanging out in her crate or taking naps in it. However my new puppy will not sleep anywhere else but my bed! And boy do I wish I had crate trained her!!!
I wuld say you could try it once. Put the crate in ur room leave the door open. also put the dog bed in there.
She what happens the next day.
Good luck!

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Sep 15, 2009

personally, i object to crate training for it's confusion. i guess the only way you'll know if this method worked for you is to try it. puppies fall asleep easy, so you could bring him to bed w/you anytime. some dogs prefer to sleep in crates for security reasons, but puppies will often get this same security knowing their owner is w/them. will he have an accident? it's possible, but if he's housebroken, he's likely to know that it was an accident. if he has an accident, maybe crate him the next night and try him in your bed again the following. if he has another accident, you should ditch the crating and house break him in a way that's easier for dogs to learn - which is the traditional method of taking them out.

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Mary C.

Sep 16, 2009

I see nothing wrong with crate training and if you do it right your dog will see it as his space. I have crate trained and also use the crate for safety reasons when I am not at home. When I crate trained my pups I would leave the crate door open with a bed and toy in there. When it was time for bed they usually went in there on their own and then I would shut the door when they were sleeping (this is while I was housebreaking) Until you feel your pup is housebroke I would continue to crate, maybe bring the crate in your room and leave the crate door open and see how it goes. You could if you wanted to let him sleep on your bed too, mine are adults now and all sleep in the bed (all 4)!

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