Q: What's the BEST tick repellant??

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What's the BEST tick repellant??

What is the BEST tick repellant out there? We live in a wooded area and I've tried two different tick repellants - one that is all natural oil-based, and the other is a Hartz product. I've pulled 12 off her since our hiking/biking trip this past weekend. Does anyone know of one that actually repells ticks? Thanks!!
Thank you everyone!

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Stephanie D.

Jun 10, 2009

I don't actually use any chemicals, I use an herbal spray. I didn't want to add anymore chemicals to my dog and it works really well!

Flea, Fly and Tick repellent:
8 oz. water
4-6 drops Tea Tree Oil
4-6 drops Lavender Oil
1 drop Garlic Oil

Mix in a spray bottle and spray on dog daily (avoiding the eye area)

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Jun 11, 2009

I use Frontline as I live in a wooded area too. It lasts for 1 month but I find that it works very well. If you don't find them on your dog they will eventually fall off and die, I know it sounds gross but in the U.P. of Michigan we have alot at the beginning of the summer, then as it gets hot they disappear. Call your vet and they can hook you up with some. They will go by your dogs weight. You can also order it out of catalogs like Smith and Foster. Hope this helps you out.

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Jun 11, 2009

Repelling ticks is a tough one-a lot of products kill ticks but not keep them off the dog. Frontline and K9 Advantix have active ingredients that paralyze the mouthparts of the tick after they bite.

Frontline also has a spray that will keep bitey critters off. It is safe to reapply more than once a month unlike the spot on drops too. I would buy it only from a licensed vet or drsfostersmith.com there are a lot of counterfiet flea and tick products out there.

Good luck!

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