Q: What will they look like?

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What will they look like?

I just bred our husky with a lab/pit/collie mix. The mother is a black and white husky with 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye. We got her from an abusive home so i don't know what the other pups of the llitter looked like. The father is a lab/pit/collie mix. He is brown with a white mark on his chest and has the lab/pit features. the puppies in his litter include 2 black, 2 brown, 1 tan, 1 tan with a black muzzle and 1 with the sable collie markings. they were long and short haired pups. Does anyone know what the pups may look like? Does her being a pureblood mean they will resemble more of her or does that even matter? Before you comment I know that there are millions of animals in shelters adn getting put down and i do care about them but I am just asking if anyone know how pups get their looks when u mix breeds. So if anyone has an answe to my question please comment otherwise please don't

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Nancy C.

Apr 14, 2011

Pups get their looks alot like people. There are domminant and recessive traits in all breeds. For example the Husky mom has one blue eye (recessive) and one brown (dominant). There is a real good chance at least one pup will look just like mom. More than likely the pups will have brown eyes. But since the father has a larger mix of genes the looks of most the pups in the litter will likely be on the lab/pit/ collie side. Mom being a pure breed does not mean that her pups will all look like her....especially since dad has such a strong gene pool mix. I'm not a genetics expert but I can tell you from experience when a "pure" breed is crossed with a "mixed" breed the "purebreed" does not mean anything. This is also why mixed breeds are so genetically healthy....the gene pool is varied so much that the pups carry many different features. Hope this helps you a bit.

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