Q: What type of cockatiel is this???

August 3, 2008 | By Christina T. | 1 answer | Expired: 2731 days ago

What type of cockatiel is this???

Can someone please tell me what type of cockatiel I have?? The 2 on the left are the normal grey's but I can't figure out what Gracie (far right) is. Is she a white-faced?? Technically there is not any white on her face - she is primarily grey, except the white on her wings and the spots on her tail.

Thanks for any input

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Aug 03, 2008

She could be a hybrid. Maybe a cross between a pearl and a grey or a white face and grey? I had a parakeet like that. Her head was soild yellow like a lutino but the rest of her was normal. Check out www.gatewayparrotclub.org I'm sure you'll have a better idea of what your bird comares to then I would based on a photo of her. good luck

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