Q: What toys do you make/give to your animals?

October 5, 2008 | By Kate J. | 12 answers | Expired: 2671 days ago

Kate J.

I have dogs, birds, parrots, and a rabbit and I'm looking for new toys for them. Any ideas?

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Oct 07, 2008

Bead Toy

Hardwood beads (available at many craft stores)
Shoelace (unused and clean) www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/birdinformation/homemadetoys.php This site has more toys you can make:)

Cut the cardboard into squares.
String the cardboard through the shoelace with beads in between to separate them.
There you have it; a simple and fast toy that is sure to satisfy your bird's chewing needs.

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carissa s.

Oct 05, 2008

well i have those pets too and the toys and treats they love are

parrots- NUTS! and fruit like apples i dont think citrus tho

dogs- some dogs likei have a big rottweiler and i give them those meatless bones and they love to chew them!! also tug of war toys they appsolutly adore and will play with each other and me!

hope that was helpful

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Oct 06, 2008

Pretty Boy's favorite toys are the ones that have a rope, with a stuffed toy in the middle, with a squeaker.
Chunky loves any stuffed toys, even without the squeaker. They both love balls.
When we had our bird, he loved the hanging wooden toys that he could stand on, plus the hanging balls with bells in the middle, loved his swing & ladder too.

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