Q: what to name a small male black chi

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what to name a small male black chi

This lady was about to take this poor baby to the shelter I couldnt let that happen so I brought him home I wil be looking for a good home for him but while I do I would like help on what name fits him and how old does he look . Heres a lil bit more of hims he is so fearful of mostly everything he doesnt play much he has his teeth he has a bark of a puppy that should still be with mom. I am changing the photo to one that has my 5 mth old male tan chi/mix. I am hoping my charlie brn teaches him to not be fear and be playful. I am so happy to announce I found shadow :} a good home with a very nice couple. I am so happy he wil be wel taken care of. Thank you everyone

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Mar 30, 2010

i'm thinking about 10 weeks? though i don't know chihuahuas very well!
can you add a little description about his personality? sometimes you name an animal based on looks and a week later you're like, wow, i was so wrong!

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