Q: What to feed orphaned kittens in West Indies?

March 11, 2010 | By Catwoman10 | 1 answer | Expired: 2148 days ago

I rescue kittens and cats in the US and have bottlefed many---kittens on a small island in the Caribbean is proving more challenging. There is no vet on this island to speak of and supplies, if any are available, will be hard to come by. I am looking for KMR, with no success thusfar, and have been feeding the 3 kittens evaporated milk through a syringe. The kittens were brought to me yesterday and appear to be about 10 days old---they are starting to open their eyes. Also, they have a lot of fleas---can I bathe them at this point? I do have "citrus" Dawn dishwashing liquid. Help, please!!

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Mar 11, 2010

avoid using milk b/c of the lactose, even goats milk has lactose and shouldn't be used on kittens. try to find a soy based baby formula {but not soy milk} and pedialite. you may have to order something online if there's nothing in your area. ten day old kittens can be bathed, but you still have to regulate their temp. have a rectal thermometer ready and use it after the bath w/a little vaseline or ky. if their temp dips under 99 at all, warm them w/your body and feed them only pedialite until they regain their normal temp. on a low setting, you should blow dry them so they don't get cold. only bath one kitten at a time and keep the unbathed separated from the clean ones.

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