Q: What to do with a dog that won't eat dog food and a cat that won't eat cat food?

April 20, 2008 | By Martha P. | 3 answers | Expired: 2426 days ago

Martha P.

Okay, they do eat it but only if it's mixed with home cooking -- real meat and vegetables. Canned pet food is out, I mean, they won't eat it. They also like to sneak over and eat each other's kibbles on the sly. The cat is getting skinny because I don't always obey her demands for gourmet meals. The dog prefers to go out and eat poop from the yard if there's nothing good in his dish. I've tried every brand and type, and it's no go, in fact getting worse. For a while the cat would eat "Nine Lives" Ocean Whitefish but no other cat food, and the dog would eat -- can't recall now -- one kind only of canned dog food, but no more of that. What's the answer? Totally give in or starve them into submission?

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Apr 20, 2008

Some years ago, I had this same problem with my two dogs, Red and Bluto. They had gotten so accustom to table scraps so much that they no longer would it their dog food. A person well- knowledged in animals suggested not giving them ANY food but their dog food, making sure there was no way they could get at scraps at all, ex: garbage. I did just that; it took 3 days of them not touching the dog food in their bowls before they would give in, but they did just that! Never had the problem again. As for scraps, it was only given once in a while as a treat, just like one might give a dog biscuit treat. Believe me, they will not starve to death in that amount of time.

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Sara S.

Apr 21, 2008

just make their meals

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Apr 20, 2008

You probably should have never started them with people food in the first place. They would never have known what they were missing. Perhaps you could try some tasty supplemnents or gravies made for animals that sprinkle over their food. I think there are some products designed specifically to incite pets to eat. I would check online or perhaps in zootoo product reviews. For a time, my dog had difficulties eating so I would close her and her food in the bathroom for a while. For some reason with no one around to disturb her she cleaned it right up. Might be worth a try. GOOD LUCK!!

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