Q: what should i expect when we come home after boarding her for the 1st time?

June 13, 2008 | By Sara S. | 2 answers | Expired: 2779 days ago

Sara S.

*i'm prefacing this post saying that i'm a compulsive worrier when it comes to madison hehe*

a little back ground on madison:
8 months old, was raised from the ages of 8 weeks to 5 months with a family of 4 people, 2 dogs, cats, and birds. she got along great with the dogs and they with her.

at 5 months i adopted her and she now lives with me and my mother. no other pets. she does occasionally experience separation anxiety- neither my mom or myself can take a shower w/o her whining at the bathroom door and she whines when mom leaves for work for a brief period of time. i work from home so the only time she is normally alone (and when she is, she's crated) is once a week for about 4 hrs while i attend training and a couple hrs on sunday while i'm at church. since we adopted her she's only spent 2 brief periods socializing with other dogs, last saturday at a dog park for an hr and a half and last sun. for 2 hrs for a temperament evaluation at the ruff house doggy day care.

next week:
monday madison goes in for shots, micro-chipping, and spaying. saturday morning we leave for vacation and will return late thurs (the 26th). while we are gone madison will be boarded at the ruff house run by my uncle and cousin. uncle arrives between 5-6am and leaves between 9-10pm. i'm really nervous about leaving her there- thank God for the web cams on their websites. my main concerns are how she will deal with being alone at nite and i fear that she will think we abandoned her. what may i experience/expect when we bring her home? please put me at ease!

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Jessica H.

Jun 16, 2008

What you can expect when you come home is a very excited pup to see you! Don't worry -- I boarded my dog for the first time ever a few months ago because of a heavy work schedule (and then sent her to my parents' house for a few months - I had a VERY heavy work schedule) and I was worried, but I knew my Jamie was so social that she would do fine. I already had her crate trained so I knew being kenneled wouldn't bother her too much and knowing her personality I knew she may be lonely the first night or so because she would be alone in an unfamiliar environment but I knew she would bounce back and adjust well. And she did!

So try not to worry... if anything else she is going to be so happy to see you she'll forget all about being boarded :)

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Rhonda Hughes

Jun 15, 2008

I am the executive director of a rescue who runs a boarding facility to help offset expenses. It is difficult to say how Madison with react to boarding, as all dogs respond differently. Best case scenario - Madison loves being able to play with the other dogs, has lots of fun and will be so worn out by night that she won't realise your gone. Worst case scenario - Madison will fall into depression, bark herself hoarse and go off her food. Either way, I'm sure she will be OK in the end. Dogs are always happy to see their owners come back for them and return to there normal arrangements/schedules once home very quickly. Check with the boarding facility to see what they allow you to bring. I would suggest keeping her on the same food/feeding schedule she is used to at home, and bring her favorite toy along with her dog bed. If she does not have a dog bed (or sleeps with you) bring something that smells like you (I usually sleep in an old t-shirt the night before I leave and let my dog use it as a blanket when he is at the kennel) First time boarders are like moms clinging to their first day kindergartners. REMEMBER the easiest thing for your dog is to not make a fuss. Drop her off and leave quickly, do NOT take her into the kennel and cuddle her with baby talk for an hour! Good luck!

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