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every day this week when I take Abby outside she runs into the corner of the yard at the side of the house and does not want to come in she has a good nose on her and really loves everything she smells I thought at first well there is a large rhodedendren bush over there and some brush a nice place for a racoon, rat, Possum, shrew, squrriel or stray cat to live I looked and looked but did not see anything over there then the other day I started smelling a strong smell over there it smells like a dead animal but when Abby goes over there I don't find anything and she will put her nose up like she is pressing it against another animal but I have not found anything over there I don't want to make Abby stay outta one large area of the yard just because she could get hurt or sick I want to get rid of the problem so she can run through the entire yard with out us having to worry about her so what should I do?

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Oct 02, 2012

You'll want to teach Abby the "leave it" command and strong "stay" and "come" commands as well. Until she has all of these down and has learned exactly what you want her staying away from, you'll have to supervise her closely.

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