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August 1, 2012 | By Samhighley13 | 2 answers | Expired: 1275 days ago

My hamster wont go on his wheel or go to his 2nd story food area. Yet, he does eat lots of food when I place him up there.

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Aug 03, 2012

Does he have to reach the top via tube or ramp? If it's a ramp, how narrow & steep is it, and what kind of surface does it have? Try widening it and/or extending it out so it's not as steep. Change the surface of it - add some traction, make it more secure feeling. It's a little harder to go up than it is to go down, so you might try placing him on the upper level to see if he'll work his way down. Sometimes it just takes practice to gain the confidence. Also, hamsters are nocturnal so it could be possible he's using the wheel while you're asleep and aren't aware, although it's not uncommon for them to go thru periods when they don't like the wheel. Does it turn smoothly and quietly? Just make sure he gets plenty of exercise by letting him run around freely in his ball for extra time each day and until he gets the hang of going to the upper level, put his food on the lower level.

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Aug 01, 2012

Set his food down where he is the most as for the wheel Ding-Dong, Feisty and Kiss would use the wheel when I had them but Visous she did not like the wheel and would not use it what you can do is try giving him some time in his hamster ball everyday or make a home made maze for him put food at the end he will get some exercise this way.

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