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Now some one in the apartments next door to me has a red male smooth coated Doxen he is so cute but I am worried about him this is a busy street during the day time and not only are they not spose to have a dog over there in the first place but the reason I am concerned is because they let him run loose outside and since this is a busy street he could get hit or ran over by a car there was a chihahua named Duke living next door to me and I ran in to the same situation I am in now and it was too late for Duke before I could do anything about it he got hit by a car and it killed him So what can I do about this little guy before the same thing happens to him?

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Dec 01, 2011

Call the Humane Society and report a free roaming dog. When they arrive, you can tell them who owns him and they'll be able to talk to the owners.

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Dec 02, 2011

They don't seem to care too much about their dachshund. Contact the Humane Society ASAP. If the dog is in imminent danger, your first responsibility is to get him to safety, then contact someone. Get someone of authority to talk to the owners about the dangers and the laws -- cities have laws regarding off-leash dogs. If they continue to allow the dog to roam in the streets after being warned, take the dog and find him a good home.

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Dec 04, 2011

Well, I think maybe you should talk to your next store neighbors and tell them how you are worried and let them know, and them maybe call the Humane Society!

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